Why DIY At Home Phone Repair Is Not A Great Idea

Are you one of those DIY fanatics who think that you can do anything at home with kits and tutorials? Before prying open your smart phone or tablet, you should learn the advantages and disadvantages of DIY phone repair. It is important to remember that when you perform DIY repair of your touch screen devices, you will lose the warranty of the device instantly. So, it is wise not even to think about home repair for devices that are still under warranty.

DIY phone repair problems

The modern day touch screen devices are much more advanced than you think. The iPhones, iPods, Android and Galaxy phones use advanced technology to provide the pleasurable touch screen experience. If there is some problem with your phone whether it is hardware or software related, it is better to consult with repair sharks rather than trying to do the repair on your phone. If the software upgrade or downgrade doesn’t solve the software glitch, you can try solving the problem by uninstalling corrupted apps.

Hardware changes such as changing LCD screen or repairing broken parts are widely believed as DIY tasks. It is not completely impossible to perform these hardware repairs on your own. However, unless you have previous experience in working with technologically advanced devices, it is better not to dabble with touchscreen hardware. There are so many tutorials and kits available for DIY repair, but not all of them are helpful.

Diagnosis is difficult – One of the major DIY phone repair, problems is that you have to spend a lot of time in diagnosing the problem. If you have dropped the phone and see spider web cracks, then it is obvious that you have to replace the LCD panel. However, if you have dropped the phone in water or another solution, then the problem is even more complex. Sometimes, the internal components may get damaged without significant changes to the exterior of the phone. Even after spending days with a broken phone, you may not be able to identify the problem properly.

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Finding right tutorial is difficult – If you are successful in diagnosing the problem with your phone, finding appropriate repair tutorials to avoid repair sharks is not easy. On the YouTube, you can find hundreds of videos on how to repair your iPhone, iPad, Android and Samsung phones. However, many of those channels are created by amateurs who succeeded with phone repair by sheer luck.

Phone may be damaged further – Even if you are confident about the repair tool and repair kit, sometimes, you may cause more serious damage to the phone in your DIY repair attempt. The internal components are so tiny and even a slight misunderstanding of the reconstruction of the phone can be disastrous. When you fail in your DIY attempt and take it to repair sharks, you may have to pay more for the damage caused by you. Moreover, the kits you purchase may not be suitable for your phone.

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