Why Everyone Loves Africell Uganda Data Bundles

If you’ve been wondering why everyone loves Africell Uganda data bundles, let me tell why, and why I had to fall in love with the same. For those who know me, they can surely understand why having the best and fast internet connection speed is a must on my side.

A few months back, a long time friend, Murshid visited my office. As we discussed things related to business, he kept his eye on my screen, something which made wonder why. He watched me pausing and resuming my downloading files, and also how many of the pages I attempted opening took so long.

Amidst our coversation, he told me how he never knew that many people out there were still struggling with slow internet yet there existed a way anyone would use to double the current connection speeds. Before he even completed, I was very eager to know which provider he was using, and it is at this time he introduced to me Africell Uganda.

He shared how Africell data bundles were worth the money spent on buying them, compared to what other players offer. He requested me allow him try out his HAUS 3G USB Modem on my computer, and I was very amazed by the connection speeds including download and upload.

Since he was on his way to Nairobi for a workshop, he choose to lend it to me for the entire weekend and all I can say is that I enjoyed super fast internet browsing, and also was able to download all my pending downloads – including which were queued up for over a week.

4G Mifi router price

Using my new Africell 4G LTE Modem (this came with FREE 6GB data valid for 1 month), which I acquired after handing back my friends Haus modem, I nolonger worry about slow internet speeds and etc. I also bought the D-link DWR-921 4G LTE Router which has continued to power my office with fast internet. Being a freqwuent traveler, the Africell 4G MiFi Router keeps me connected even on the go both on my cellphone and laptop.

Best of all, Africell data bundles are sold at the best rates for more. Just imagine, sending 100 emails without an attachment can only costs you 1MB, something which is not likely to be found from other providers. Take a look at the data bundle costs and breakdown.

Africell data bundles prices

From Ugx 250 shillings, you can buy an internet pack and enjoy browsing to maximum. You can use the same packs to chat on Whatsapp, Facebook, Imo and etc thus getting more than fan once you buy a data bundle with valid OTT.

Here is how to buy: Dial *133# and follow prompts, or visit any MTN Mobile money agent and purchase one including the unlimited bundles. You can also share data on your Africell sim card very easily by dialing *133# and following prompts.

I am sure the above is enough to tell why everyone loves the above. But best of all, they offer super fast internet with both download and uploads. Visit http://africell.ug/ to get started.

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