Why I am “Addicted” To Safe Boda Food

Have you tried SafeBoda food yet? Do you know how it works? If your answer is a Yes, good for you. But if your answer is a No, then you must read this and get to know why I am personally “addicted” to this service for my lunch and breakfast deliveries.

About safeboda food

I sometime back wrote a sofeboda review which has it all right from what they are and how they work. You can refer to that article for details. On the food side, its all about helping you have your favorite meal (s), delivered to your location timely.

How to order food using the app

  • Lauch the app
  • Tap “Food delivery”
  • Set your deliverey location
  • Type the name of the Restaurant
  • Or, scroll down and view one by one
  • Tap on choice of restaurant and browse available dishes
  • Tap “Add” e.g Chicken, Fish, Beans, etc
  • Select main dish e.g Matooke, Rice, etc
  • Tap “View order”

Complete your order and wait for restaurant to recieve order,prepair, allocate a boda and have it delivered to your selected location.

Benefits associated

  • Fast delivery service
  • Saves time
  • Very cheap.
  • Well prepared and tasty.

In brief, you don’t have to leave your office or home, or whatever task you are doing to search for food. Using the app installed on your phone, you simply make an order and food will be delivered to you faster. One other thing I loved about this service is the smartness and communication of the riders.

My experience

When I ordered for my favorite dish, it arrived within only 10 minutes from the time I did so. The food was packed well and so to the source. I eat and got full, which is not the same experience I get when I do orders from the closer local restaurants.

The safeboda rider called me to confirm the location and told me to wait outside since he had no one to entrust his motorcycle with. I did so, paid him and he was very thankful. Oh yes, I enjoyed a meal which was delivered to me free of charge. If you want hassle free food deliveries, safeboda food is a service I can recommend. Download the app for free from Google Play to get started.

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