Why Studying A Foreign Language Is Useful

Think of the world we live in, in fact its quite multicultural right? So here are some reasons to help you see the importance of foreign language study and that learning another language can be quite beneficial. One of the reason’s might even make you laugh, but I know that it’s a benefit that works and some might even think it’s the best reason to learn a second language.

So obviously you can go and integrate more effectively with other cultures in your community. Meet new people from different backgrounds and speak a foreign language, whilst having fun and learning. Then there is the fact that you can travel to other countries and better appreciate their culture, greet locals in their native language and order food at a restaurant with the language that it was intended to be ordered with.

Another obvious benefit that highlights the importance of foreign language study is that you will be able to show off in front of a potential employer who might be looking for a second language as a necessary skill, and in this global world, multi-lingual jobs are in high supply. This is one that is certainly not to be overlooked, as you never know where you’ll want to go with your career.

However, a benefit that’s often overlooked, is that it can be a massive turn on to the opposite sex. Now if you ask anyone, what’s your favorite language, they will likely say a language other than their own. Why? because it’s attractive to them, it sounds good but different at the same time. Maybe it’s the accent or maybe it’s the fluent flowing nature of certain languages, of course that’s dependent on who you talk too.

I’ve seen and heard many examples where females have been attracted to males who come from an English speaking world, but know a foreign language such as Italian or Spanish. I dare say it’s the same for males who are attracted to females who can speak more than one language, and this is simply because they have a slightly different skill and humans have a need for variety in life.

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Finally, consider the many travel, cultural, and other life changing experiences that you can have. For many people, these are the primary benefits of learning a second language. Just knowing a few words and phrases in another language will unlock doors and open people’s hearts to you. It is amazing how much people light up when they realize you are making the effort to learn their language.

In many parts of the world, especially in smaller more rural locations, people are genuinely enchanted with someone who is trying to learn their language. This often leads to all sorts of cultural exchanges, invitations to experience the local culture as few other travelers are able to experience, and memories of travel adventures that will last a lifetime.

In conclusion, the last reason should be enough to demonstrate the importance of foreign language study, from a lighter side. However, considering that learning a language can be difficult, never forget to have fun along the way. Start by learning alone with a reputable and interactive foreign language program.

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