Why You Need A Right Hosting Provider For Your Website?

Have you ever considered reviewing your web hosting provider positive and negative sides in terms of the services you are offered? Do you consider your current hosting provider as the right one for your website needs and requirements? How about making a comparison between the different web hosting services in case you run other website with other providers? How about reading the different reviews about the different available web-hosting providers available on the internet or in your locality?

If you have done the above, I guess you know what I am trying to refer to but for those who haven’t thought of or even doing any of the above mentioned, then you are the very right one to keep reading this post since very soon, you will come to discover whether your current hosting provider is the right one for you and or if its high time you though of migrating to another service, and mind you, this article is derived from my personal experience after hackers did whatever they did, which resulted into The Konsult Hub being taken off the internet for about 3 hours not until everything was sorted out, and a credit I give to my current host.

When choosing the right hosting provider, many people tend to only look at the cost, the service up-time and who they have chosen, and which to me looks to be just part other than being overall. To choose a right provider, one need to take into consideration things like;

1. The Cost of the service as in how much you are charged.

2. The bandwidth allocated to your website requirements.

3. The support service availability and which should be 24/7 and responded to in time.

4. Server back up options and alternatives in case a glitch happens and which is unavoidable.

5. Multi-Scripts support in order to meet the different use CMS requirements.

6. Ability to offer free help related services to clients.

7. While website back up options and not just replacements but rather multiple back-ups.

8. Virus and Mail online scanners.

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And very many others although if your host providers the above, then you are a lucky one.

There are so many reasons why you need a right host(s) and one of them is during the hardship times for example when your website is hacked just like I did happen to me as I explained above. When I noticed  that no one had visited my site for a 2 hours periods, I begun to think that may be something had happened and which was the fact. My website had been put due to the fact that a hacker had added his own index in my themes and thus part of my site redirecting to a phishing site, a thing I discovered from the mail my host sent me after they had worked on everything and my website was up and running again.

Assuming I never had a trusted hosting provider, may be till now my site would have been off still since I am not a professional programmer. The next time you think about who to choose as your HOST, you got to look into many factors other than cost and up time only.

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