Winning Notification Scam From Ms. Kate Allison – $920,000.00 US Dollars Hot Lotto Sizzler Annual Promotion Draw

Kate Allison Hey, there is this ongoing scam from Kate Allison in the name of your email address having won up to $920,000.00 dollars in the Hot Lotto Sizzler Annual Promotion Draw. This to me is just like the different other scam emails which have been in existence for some time now. Many people have fallen victims of such promising emails about winning notifications where many have ended up spending more than you can think of – just like it ends, by requesting one to send some dollars to any person who is recommended during the conversation.

This time round, these scammers have picked a new way, they no longer send full text (content) email messages but rather, they send scanned images which contains all the details as you will see in the attachment below. In the attachment image, its claimed that your email address has won up to $920,000.00 Hot Lotto Sizzler Annual Promotion Draw which was held on the 28th day of May 2016. This makes me wonder why an email address like mine or yours ends up winning all of this amount minus you have participated in anything with regard. Wondering why I took this to be a pure scam, read it all. You will find out what I am meaning and why.

$920,000.00 Hot Lotto Sizzler Annual Promotion Draw

It is claimed that “ticket number B9564 75604545 100, and serial number 1604212023000968607, drew winning numbers of 2 -12 -14- 33 -41 with bonus and have emerged as the winner of $920,000.00 dollars. This image also contains the address of the contact person which is Mr James Victor, Tel number +27719923208 and email of [email protected]”. As far as I know, the Sender of this message isn’t exact the one but rather, the sender fakes in the names as seen.

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Why this is scam? Firstly, the winning numbers are real as shown on the Official Hotlotto page. But how to claim your prize clearly shows this. In the above attachment, you are asked to email your details, and which is wrong. On the official page, you are advised to collect the money from participating agents, and where is No South Africa mentioned. The mentioned agents are retailer in the “District of Columbia, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, or West Virginia”. Also, how to play is fake. In the attachment above, its indicated as an email draw selection, and which is wrong.

This is just an awareness post and should you happen to receive an email message from Kate Allison [email protected], stay knowing that you may be the next target. It is very important for you to share this post with your friends and others so that they know before they fall victims of the ongoing scam.

KWS Adams

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  1. swalehe soa says:

    Is this draw promotion true (Canadian Hot Lotto sizzer …??


    is this lotto really true?

    • swalehe soa says:

      I also on the dec,09.2016 received an email won to me the US$ 92,0000.00 from MS.Ptrician
      Canada hot lotto sizzelers online draw program what truth about that and i have given the contact details to communicate with another person for payment process for my winning prices in south Africa,actually is Mr.Kelvin Victor but the same contact number as the above comments +27719923208

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