He Won 500k UGSH With CBS FM Make Money Machine

Yes, this is real and not a Joke. Kibirige (not his real name) shared his story on how he Won 500k UGSH With CBS FM after he participating in the make money machine which is available on Buganda Kingdom local based radio station.

From how he narrates, it was due to his determination and commitment which made him walk away with this whole amount of money and freely. Even after trying and failing, he never gave up his thought of being a winner one day. He would call the station during this game time, try and fail. He would repeat the same and sometimes wouldn’t go through due to the long queue but, he never got tired.

Amazingly, he Won 500k UGSH With CBS FM aka Radio Buganda runs a free money making machine where anyone can call and guess the money on a certain number for example number $10 or Ugshs 28000 on Number one and others basing on ones guess.

After, all the numbers and the money corresponding to them will be aired live to listeners and in case you won, you will instantly get to learn of it right away. According to how he narrated, there are no specific terms of the game for as long as you can call and guess the number magically.

He Won 500k UGSH With CBS FM, You Too Can Make It

For anyone out there can make it provided he or she is committed. I myself begun writing so many years back and never benefited more from my work like it is today. It was only after sometime after having gone through a series of trials when I realized how things were possible.

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Can’t imagine from a free based hosted Blog to a self hosted one. You too can make it on anything which you love or like. You should retreat or even surrender.

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4 Responses

  1. Jacinta says:

    I have always listed to that CBS FM show and couldn’t think that it was real. Will keep trying.

  2. Kamoga says:

    Radio buganda cbs is there for all people and is number one listened to radio station. Why wont people win free money when cbs is providing it free?

  3. Henry says:

    When I dream, I dream about CBS fm. Radio Buganda ebeewo. Ayi Sabasajja wangala.

  4. Ronnie says:

    I love BS Radio Yobubujajja. CBS FM Radio Buganda ebewo. So much fun, helping the grassroot person an so much. Congradulations to you.

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