WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” Features Reviewed – Responsive, Instant Embed Auto Preview & REST API Infrastructure Integration

WordPress 4.4 Responsive, new instant embed auto preview and REST API Infrastructure integration are the new features. And if you are running a WordPress powered website or blog, and you planning to switch to WordPress from your current CMS, this post is for you. And yes, I have reviewed for you the new released features in WordPress 4.4 version, and which you must not miss out if you are a webmaster, owner, an author or just a writer.

WordPress 4.4 which is named Clifford is a version which is rich in features. And trust me, these are features many of you with me inclusive have been longing out for. And now that they are released, live and operation, it’s time to put them in action. All you need to get started is upgrading your current core to 4.4 Clifford and you are done. Lets look at these new features one by one.

The New instant embed auto preview

This is an awesome new feature. It allows you to embed a link like this below, and out put a preview of the linked site instantly in your post. No more copy and paste of the link descriptions when reciting in your articles.

The fully Responsive feature

WordPress 4.4 has been made responsive with all devices. Whether you are using a smartphone, a tablet, a feature phone or a computer, the fact is that you get everything right from content to images fit for your screen and device resolution. The new Twenty Sixteen default theme when activated makes all of the above possible. This means that there is no more bad sites with Google since all sites are required to be mobile friendly.

REST API Infrastructure integration

WordPress developer? This integration allows developers to easily build and extend RESTful APIs on top of WordPress..

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