WordPress For Blackberry App Installation Guide/Steps

Ever wondered what you Blackberry device can do for you? How about using a single application installed in it to write and instantly publish blog posts (contents), images and others whether on your very own blog / website or on a content sharing site powered by WordPress content management system?

Believe me, your Blackberry device is a powerful gadget which can help you perform so many different tasks basing on what you may need and among them include the ability to use it for blog postings and website content publishing purposes and in case you are wondering how you can get started with doing the above, just keep reading since this post will help you learn all the step by step procedures you need to complete.

Getting Started With WordPress For Blackberry

1. Visit BB apps world website or application in your phone and search for “WordPress For Blackberry”.

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2. Download and Install it in your smartphone and launch the application

First Application Run

1. If you have a hosted blog, click on that option to add your blog account credentials and if you have a self hosted blog, select that option and add your details.

2. Click on Log in and wait for the application to connect.

Publishing A New Blog Post/Page

1. Launch the application.

2. Look out for New Post or Page.

3. Add your contents and you are done.

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