Xnw5.com Reviews, Spin The Lucky Wheel – Scam or Legit?

XNW5.COM Reviews This is a review of Xnw5, the Spin The Lucky Wheel! If you have been wondering what this site service is all about, whether it is a legitimate site to spend your time on or simply a scam site you must not waste your time on, taking time and going through this post might help you discover, and or get to know what you might have been wanting to know.

Xnw5.com is a site service which “claims” to give their members up to “1 free spin for a chance to win exclusive prizes” in their “Spin The Lucky Wheel! Big Billion Days”. If you are connected to the popular social networking sites we know including Whatsapp, Facebook and etc, chances are that you have already seen their link being posted, advertised and messaged to you and the different groups with text, “see this now Xnw5.com”

One important question many people ask is whether “Xnw5.com” is scam or legitimate. I took my time, visited the link, spinned the ball here I am sharing with you my findings and how it all went on. I am sure by the time you go through my experience, you will be able to tell if it is a legitimate site to spend your time on or simply another pure scam there to consume and make you waste your productive time.

It all begin when I received a text message on Whatsapp from a number I didn’t know.. Oh this was inevitable since my number is exposed to the public being a service provider. Oh yes, I instantly clicked the link since I was safe when it comes to viruses and Trojans including malwares since I use an active [[[smartphone]]] [[[best antivirus]]].


On reaching Xnw5.com homepage I guess, I saw the Spin Ball with lots of prizes, and too with comments below from the different people, whom I guess tried spinning and either winning or spending their time for free. Off I read well what seemed a term, “Only one game allowed per IP”, and I was like wow, this is my chance to try out.


My first spin resulted into winning an Extra Spin and which I instantly used. I was very lucky, I thought after seeing a display that “Congratulations! Your prize: Macbook Pro (Core 2 Duo, 4GB Ram, Silver). Please follow the instructions to win your prize!”


Freebie:- It's free and designed for you! Claim yours here now

OMG, I wondered and it was time for me to Rush and claim my prize. I instantly clicked OK and waited for the page to load. It took me to where I read all instructions including having to share the link to “10 Group and 5 Friends on WhatsApp about the Big Billion Days”, and after coming back and clicking on continue to get last information.

I did it all and when I clicked continue, I was instead taken to a Video page. That is how it ended. I didn’t manage to get more about where and too on how to get my won Macbook pro. I tuned back to the site and read the comments. Many were claiming not to have won while others asking which courier to deliver while others proving how they won and I was left in ??? state.

Until today, I am still wondering whether this site is scam or legitimate. I can’t say that they are scam right away until I give them a second chance to confirm if the same will be done. I really wonder how they benefit and how they manage it out. Aanyways, that is their to know and mine is to share if they are scam or legit. Very soon, I will share with you my final findings..

KWS Adams

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    Amazing site

  2. Samar says:

    Its amazin

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    I like this link

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    I like this link…

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