You Have Received Free 1 Month Calls From Airtel Scam Alert

Scam activities have taken a different step from time to time and now that Airtel subscribers need to be aware of what is going on. Many people take scams to be an online activity only and which is very wrong basing on the fact that many people have continued to fall victims of such activities which take place offline.

A friend of mine who happens to live in Uganda was recently conned of up to 350,000 Uganda Shillings in the name of Airtel promotions after scammers called his phone and let me know how his number had been chosen as the lucky one in the ongoing Free calls from the service provider.

What happens is that a scammer will call you, address you by your name, tell you to talk about how you see their service and so forth before they reach to their target. Afterwards, they will tell you to load Airtime on your phone, subscribe to Kyabise Combo 75, a service which gives you up to 75 free minutes of calls to onnet numbers.

After, you will be sent a fake SMS alerting you of free calls and then you will be told to hold on for additional information on how to claim other prizes you have won. Additional fake offers include winning a boda (Motor Cycle) which you are required to pick after log book transfer and which they claim is done instantly after payment of the required sum.

First, they have faked you about the free talk time and secondly, its a boda-boda which has a condition to be handed over to you.

You are given two payment options including by cash at once or in instalments and paid using Airtel-Money. The moment you send the money to them, you are finished and the next time you attempt calling them, you will either be abused or you won’t find the number in service.

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What makes me wonder is where those scammers get the real names of subscribers since they address one by real registered names.

If you are reading this, know it that there are so many scams ongoing and its important to share with others what you know so that this can be stopped.

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