Your Dormant Payza Account Is Subject To A Monthly Fee Of $10 USD!

PayzaI totally agree that my payza account has been  dormant for some good time now since I last logged into it 18+ months now. However, what I wasn’t aware was the fact that failure to keep logging in marks my account which has funds on it as dormant and subject to an inactivity fee of up to $10 USD. But why?

If you are like me – having received such a scary message from Payza, don’t worry since this post has a solution. The same way I did is the same way you can do and get rid of the worries. When I read the subject, I was like oh no, I am from the list of payza supported countries, why such a message, the first of its kind for all the years I have been a user?

But when I opened the email contents and read the entire message, I knew I had to contact payza support for an explanation for a number of reasons for example;

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First: I couldn’t load the website since a big message as shown below displayed; “Server has been taken offline”

This Server Has Been Taken Offline PayzaSecondly: I didn’t know whether was the same why? I have never recieved any notification about the domain changes and was worried of not falling a victim of scam.

Thirdly: Had never had of the dormant account fee of the $10 USD. What I am used to is cancellation of such accounts and etc.

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Fourth: My I know my payza account number is in good standing besides the fact that I don’t log for having no transactions to carry out.

Inactive fee of USD 10 Payza email

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As far as I know, payza fees are a bit high (to me) when compared with what other payment processors online charge. This is because the last time I withdraw my funds to a local bank account made me loose all my money in form of processing fees and etc.

This made me put a hold on all what I had planned including using payza shopping with their card which I never got a hold of. This was made possible after joining Payoneer and finding them with the required tools like a free US bank account and free MasterCard.

And now that my account is dormant and a monthly inactivity fee of $10 USD is being applied, my solution is simple – not to login and or to simply close my account after all, so many payza alternatives.


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  1. Grace Poon says:

    hey, i got the same email today, but I can’t seems to contact payza customer support because the website is down. do you have any support contact info? I’m not going to pay monthly $10 for nothing for sure. Hope you can enlighten me. Thanks

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