Reviews – Is It Scam or Legitimate?

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Wondering whether website is scam or legitimate? This is a review you might consider checking out since I wrote it out of experience as an active member of the site. You should note that a lot of websites in the name of Revenue share have been seen on the internet with some being legitimate while others being pure scams since they never live to their word of paying members what they deserve. is a for women (females) only question and answers website which “claims” to reward its members through the Google Adsense revenue sharing program just like how the likes of used to work, and or how Hubpages works. On this site, one has to register an account in order to become a member, after which she is required to contribute up to 50 posts including both questions and answers in order to start getting the rewards members get.

And for those who simply want to ask, there is no need to ask all the 50 questions unless one ineed wants to ask them all. You simply create an account, ask your question and wait for experts to share their views by way of answering your question. You can ask from a range of categories including shopping, finance, garden, health, education and many others..

Just like how used to operate for those who may happen to recall it, operates very similar with a few differences including but not limited to the CMS each sites uses, the Revenue share options, and many others.

One question which many ask is the issue of whether this site which has its first creation date way back in 2015 is legitimate of just another scam site trying to trick members. It should be noted that Adsense revenue sharing program can be implemented on a site in many ways some which including using the Google Adsense Official Host API where “Only websites with over 100,000 daily page views across user pages are eligible to participate in the AdSense Host API program”, using the Author revenue share plugins available freely on WordPress, or even by manual way where authors display ads on their own contents for as long as the maximum number per page is kept.

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On, things seem to operate very different. Unlike other sites where the entire Adsense integration can be done by the member herself, here one is required to create a “Responsive Ad Unit” from the Adsense account and email it to the given address. Guess what, I did submit in my Adsense code and I never earned any single cent and nor received any single impression from this website for more than two weeks now despite the fact that Ads are running well on the same site but not with my PUB be on my own questions and answers. The above is what I am going through as me and not sure if its the same with other members, and or it is only me experiencing it.

Is legitimate or scam?

A legitimate site to me is one which will live by its claims. If it says it pays, it will pay of course. And if any site or service provider doesn’t live by what it says to be, then that makes it look scam like well as in many cases, the end will justify the means.

While the site looks legitimate as far as I have seen, I can say that many has to be done if at all the owner wants to make it indeed a good site. Every single issue must be dealt with since no internet user would want to join when certain things aren’t clear. I will be updating this post soon just in case a change is made and or if I happen to start earning anything off my work.

Update: As of today 07/11/2016, the sites has an annoucement that “Ladies, stay tuned! We are changing from AdSense to PayPal, with lots more changes this week to help you earn even more CA$H !” This means that from Adsense to Pay is the switch. Will update you soon..

This is a guest post by NA, an internet worker and a current member of the said website.. Reviews – Is It Scam or Legitimate?

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