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About KWS Adams My name is KWS Adams , and I am the Owner, editor and author of Thekonsulthub.com. Blogging is my Passion. I love writing and sharing about anything and everything for as long as I and others can find it helpful. I have written very many posts both here and on other sites including Hub-pages, Webanswers (Retired), Yahoo-answers and etc just to share whatever I know.

Traveling, Reading, Making friends and sharing are things I love in life. Just like you see the contents of the Blog, you can personally tell that indeed, these are my interests. I love talking of and writing about make money, gadget reviews including smartphones, modems and computers, general guides about anything, how to tutorials, internet tools, applications, celebrity and entertainment, quick form help and samples and etc, and which is the main reason I decided to start this Blog – Thekonsulthub.com just to share everything I come across with you.

And for Thekonsulthub.com, its simply that one stop portal where you will find all Tricks, Guides, Tutorials, Tips, Make Money, Blogging, SEO, Reviews, Gadgets, Devices, Technology, Computers, How Stuff Works, General Knowledge, Internet Marketing, Applications, Get Rich, Electronics, Top Tools, Cash Talk, Online and Offline Promotions, Freelancing Clues, Careers and Employment Opportunities, Ideas and etc.

And thus, taking your time and browsing through the different categories of this site including Forms, Gadget Reviews, How to Do It Yourself (DIY), Internet/Data, General/Misc/Others, Product Reviews, Service Reviews, Tools and Applications, Top List and explore!!

You can see what I write here, find me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Find more on how to contact me using the contact me page.