Hulu Live TV review-is it worth it?

Live TV streaming services are gaining increasing popularity for a lot of reasons. They have excelled in offering a higher level of convenience and affordability. It does not mean that cable providers are swiped out from the industry. There are still genuine ones out there with millions of subscribers. You can check this out by […]

Is CFD Trading Legal in Singapore?

CFD trading, also known as Contract for Difference trading, is a service offered by most Singapore online brokers which enable individuals to trade on global financial commodities – currencies, indices, shares – without buying the underlying product. This works because CFDs are derivatives based on the performance of an underlying asset. In other words, you […]

How To Pick A Supply Side Platform For Your Business

A supply-side platform is highly important when it comes to programmatic advertising. Conglomerates, such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, have all implemented them to maximize revenue gained through their advertising channels. There are many reasons why this form of AdTech is predominant today, and we will go over those in a moment. But suffice to […]

Can I Download Music To My iPod Without iTunes?

The iPod is essentially one of the most popular devices Apple ever created. You could say that they’re a “legacy product.” There was a time when you didn’t walk around with one of these – you didn’t know how to listen to music.  However, with the iPhones gaining more and more features, the iPod seemed […]

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