Donate to Tebandeke’s Heart Surgery

We are Raising $5,100 for Little Tebandeke’s Heart Surgery at the Uganda Heart Institute. By donating today, you are not only saving a life but also, giving the 6 year little boy a healthy future. Donate now via GoFundMe >> $220 USD raised of $5,100 goal Tebandeke Haafithu is 6 years old, he is my … Read more

How To Print URA Vehicle Logbook Anywhere

Printing the URA vehicle logbook, and or generating that logbook from anywhere has never been easier before just like it of now. And yes, anyone from anywhere be home, office, work, beach, traveling and doing any other work for as long as he or she has access to the internet, with a printer or any … Read more

How To Calculate PAYE In Uganda

Learn how to calculate paye in Uganda and the formula you should follow. Wondering how much money you are supposed to pay or will pay in form of income taxes in Uganda? How about knowing if you qualify for Pay As You Earn yet or not? Reading this article will help you right from understand … Read more

URA Internship Opportunities in Uganda 2023

URA internships for 2023 are here. Uganda Revenue Authority is once again calling up continuing students to join the government tax agency as interns. If you’ve been wondering when such offers will be available, so you join the taxman, your prayer has been answered. Every great career starts with a single opportunity. Your first foray … Read more