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My name is KWS Adams . (Call me Kateregga). I am an IT addict who loves playing around with computers and internet. Computers help me try out different things while turning them into reality, while the internet powers me stay live online. Besides computers, I am a project planning and management professional with an Award obtained from MUK, one of the oldest and best Universities in Africa. Find me on Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp. Find more on how to contact me using the contact me page.

Deep Cycle vs. Dual-Purpose Batteries for Trolling Motors: Which Is Better?

When it comes to boating and fishing, a trolling motor is an indispensable tool. Whether you’re navigating a tranquil lake or trying to stay in position while casting your line, a trolling motor provides the control and precision you need. But what powers these essential devices? Batteries. Selecting the right battery for your trolling motor […]

Reusable, Private Payment Codes: Bitcoin’s PayNyms

In the world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin reigns supreme. As the pioneer and most widely adopted digital currency, Bitcoin has revolutionized the financial landscape. However, it’s not without its challenges, one of the most pressing being privacy concerns. In this article, we’ll explore an innovative solution to enhance privacy in Bitcoin transactions: PayNyms. Let’s begin by […]

Best Ways to Convert HEIC to PDF These Days

As you know, HEIC is an image format that is only supported on Apple devices. With that, not all devices among which Android devices are on the top of the list will support this kind of picture. Here issues can be many and different. However, you will sometimes need a resource that may assist you […]

How to Convert Multiple WebP Files Into PNG Simultaneously?

When compared to more common formats like JPG or PNG, the WebP picture format is considered good for its ability to preserve image quality while claiming smaller file sizes. However, WebP is not supported by all platforms or applications, so it can be difficult to handle a WebP file sometimes. This is why you should […]

Top 6 Best Car Rental Destinations in the World

You must have heard of “Rent a Car” services spreading like wildfire in major cities. These services are necessary as there are many places to go with your friends and families. Car Rentals has embraced the market worldwide. Evaluators project a revenue of $99.27 billion by the end of 2023. It shows the determined set […]

The Role of Online AI Tools in Transforming the Essay-Writing Experience

Effective writing skills are crucial for everybody, and they are important in facilitating clear communication in different areas. As our world changes, it is essential to incorporate new technologies into our lives. If you need to implement some effective instruments to your writing routine, start with the word counter tool that is reachable online. You […]

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