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  • how to access my digital wallet

    Consequences of Forgetting the Password to Your Digital Wallet

    If you own Bitcoin, you’re probably very happy with your investment. The price has soared, people are starting to trust this cryptocurrency more and everything seems to be coming up roses. However, just like you can lose your traditional currencies when you lose your credit card or your wallet, you can lose your digital wealth […] More

  • how to check car manufacturing date with chassis number online

    How to Find Vehicle Year of Manufacture from Chassis Number

    The year of manufacture matters much when it comes to vehicle purchases. Many buyers prefer buying cars whose date of manufacture falls in their preferences since this saves one in many ways. For example, the current vehicle import laws of Uganda limit importation of second hand (used) cars to years above 2006. If you were […] More

  • Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid 6 in 1, No Pressure Cooking Functionality, 6 Qt, 1500 W

    Top 5 Air Fryers With Ratings and Reviews That Will Entice You

    Out of the many Air fryers available on the market, with different shapes, brands, and other specifications, determining what the best product is has continued to become hectic for many end-users. This is due to the similarities of the “claimed” characteristics where many buyers end up choosing not as per real choices. In order to […] More

  • Turn Off Talkback on Samsung a51

    How to Turn Off Talkback on Samsung With Buttons

    You can turn off talkback on Samsung by pressing the buttons as shared in this guide. If you your Samsung mobile suddenly outputs whatever you press in form of voice, chances are that the talkback feature has been activated. Talkback feature outputs things you point at on your mobile in form of voice. This allows […] More

  • learn language online platform

    The 5 Online Language Teaching Platforms for 2021

    Joining the best online language teaching platform is a sure way for anyone interested in any other language can achieve such a target. The availability of the different free and paid platforms has helped people across the world to learn their preferred languages by way of connecting learners with teachers via live chat. If you […] More

  • 7 ways about how to encourage yourself to stay healthy

    7 Ways About How to Encourage Yourself to Stay Healthy in 2021

    We have all set goals to become healthy, but do you follow them? The same new year resolution becomes renewed on the next new year including in 2021 but you stay the same. The promises you make to yourself of staying healthy and fit are forgotten in the blink of an eye when your motivation […] More

  • Duplext wirelss printer

    5 Best All-In-One Double-Sided Wireless Printers for Small Business Office 2021

    In business, printing is one of the “un-avoidable” tasks which exists at all levels. The need for safe record and document keeping not only requires the best printers but also, those which can handle multiple tasks, which is cost-saving to the business. An all-in-one printer has the capacity to scan, copy, and print, which means […] More

  • British Supermodel Naomi Campbell Named Kenya Tourism Ambassador

    British Supermodel Naomi Campbell Named Kenya Tourism Ambassador

    English model Naomi Campbell has agreed to “help promote the marketing of Kenya as an ideal tourism and travel destination to the world”. This development comes after Najib Balala’s meeting with British Supermodel Naomi Campbell over the weekend, where she agreed to “become an ambassador for the industry”. We welcome the exciting news that Naomi […] More

  • Jumia logistics partner

    How to Partner with Jumia Logistics

    Partnering with Jumia Logistics allows third-party businesses, sellers, and customers to benefit from Jumia’s last-mile delivery network across the 11 countries in Africa where the company operates. If you want to become a partner, this article is for you. When the company annouced the opening of Jumia Logistics services to third parties in November 2020, […] More

  • ecommerce shipping aggregator delivery solutions

    5 Best Shipping Aggregators For Online Retailers 2021

    With an increase in the demand for the services of shipping aggregators by online retailers as a result of changes in client shopping patterns, partnering with the best and trusted service provider is the only way such retailers can guarantee business continuity. The current changes in how people shop and how they prefer their shipments […] More

  • vyncs gps tracker fleet

    How To Install Vyncs GPS Tracker Consumer Fleet

    You can safely install and activate Vyncs GPS Tracker device in your car or fleet following these simple instructions below. At the end of it all, you will be ready to recieve unsafe driving alerts, roadside assistance alerts, geofencing, maintenance alerts, real-time location tracking, etc there by keeping your vehicle on the radar 24/7. About […] More

  • best hair replacement system fitting & styling
    in Review! Men’s Hair Replacement System Fitting and Styling Made Easy

    From hairpieces for men, men’s wig toupee and etc, Hairbro is a one-stop shopping site where you can find the best hair replacement systems, fitting, and styling. Whether fine-tune the way you look, acquire that wig, toupee hair, etc, you are more than ready to get the best quality men’s hair products depending on your […] More

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