Huawei Y5 Lite Review! Full Specs + Price in Uganda

This is a hands-on review of Huawei Y5 Lite, a cost-friendly smartphone yet featuring a handful of specifications anyone would love. Selling from as low as UGX 575,000 (quoted at publication time), this explains why Huawei die-hards like me won’t get past this device when found on sale be online or from the different stores […]

Changhong CH-120 Single Door Refrigerator Review + Price in Uganda

This review covers the Changhong CH-120 single door refrigerator, a 117-liter fridge which you can buy in Uganda from as low as UGX 399,000. Inside, you will find the pros and cons of the Changhong CH-120 single-door refrigerator which has been described as the cheapest and most affordable brand new refrigerator in Uganda. With little […]

Get This Light Bulb WiFi CCTV Camera Cheaply in Uganda

When it comes to home or office security, this Light bulb WiFi CCTV camera takes the lead. Besides being highly rated, the smart device is selling at the cheapest price in Uganda which means that you too can own it. If security is on your priority list, this smart device is the perfect solution for […]

How to Become a Jumia Rider in Uganda

Becoming a Jumia rider in Uganda is a sure way to profit unlimited. Riders are Jumia food delivery personnel tasked with the delivery of ordered goods from restaurants, supermarkets, shops, gas, water, etc available on the Jumia platform. As a rider, you only wait for orders as assigned by the system, and you are paid […]

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