Reviews – The CPM / CPA / CPC / POP Advertising Network Which Pays $5 Bonus – How It Works & More Review - The CPM / CPA / CPC / POP Advertising Network Which Pays  Bonus - How It Works & More

You have possibly heard of right? And you might be wondering whether it is a legitimate or scam site right? Sure, that is what many would want to know, and a reason I reviewed this service just for you to know. If you are looking for a CPM, CPA, POP, CPC advertising network, and or wanting to make a choice between the different services, then you should read this Adsoid review by me and find out.

Briefly, Adsoid is an Advertising network which is mainly CPM based, well as it also lost of additional ad features for example CPA, CPC and POP – You get to know about this when you are creating your approved site ad units, and in your statistics since that information is available like you will see in the attachments below. Well, the big question many ask about Adsoid is with regard to whether it is legit or scam, and to how it works. And this post, and right below has all the answers.

What is Adsoid and how does one get started?

Like you see in the above paragraph, Adsoid is an Advertising network just like others you know. To get started or join this CPM ad network, you need to own a website, and which is running. Your website is required since it has to first be approved in order for their ads to start running, and which will help you start earning money.

How do you Join, and have your Website or Blog approved?

Adsoid Approved Website

Joining Adsoid is pretty simple and very easy. You simply access their website, click on Sign up link, fill in all required information including name, email, password, capatcha, agree to terms and create your account. Instantly, you are logged in, and too an email is sent to your registered address. In order to have your blog or website approved, you must add it in the Add New Website under dashboard, and wait for it to be approved. Of course you will get a email message conforming this. You should read the minimum site requirements and the publisher terms located on their website to know whether your site qualifies or not.

How do you get the Ad unit code and place it on your website?

Once you have a website approved, adding and getting your ad unit code is simple. Still under dashboard, you hit on Get Ad Code, copy the banner ad code of your choice eg 728 X 90 Premium, paste it in where you want the ad to appear on your site and save. You Adsoid ad should start running on your site.

Who are Adsoid partners?

When you visit their website, you will find a list of what they refer to as Business partners. Among these include but not limited to Double Click, Microsoft Advertising, Mediaplex, Rubicon Project, Turn, AOL Advertising, OpenX, PubMatic, Brandscreen, MediaMath, Quantcast and Invitemedia.

What is the minimum payment, the options and how long it takes?

Adsoid Payment Proof

Adsoid pays their publishers in three different ways. They include Bank Account, PayPal and Check. Once you join, you will be able to find Payment details under your profile settings which you should fill and select depending on your choice. In addition to the free $5 you get as a join bonus, all earnings are credited to your account instantly as you make it. Hitting the ad unit stats will show you how much you have already the very time you set up the ads on your site.

Payments are made on a bi weekly payment schedule. You will be paid each second Friday. We require that you reach a minimum balance of just $20 to be eligible for payment. Bank payments may require additional details. If you select wire transfer then we will contact you to make sure we have all the details necessary to be able to pay you. Payments can take 4 to 12 working days to clear into your account. Wire payments and check payments are subject to fees. Wire fees are $25 per payment. Check fees are $15 per payment issued. All payments are subject to traffic quality checks to prevent fraud and automated traffic bots,proxies and all other methods of generating fake traffic and clicks.

Is Legitimate or Scam?

This is the top point in all. As of now, I am unable to confirm whether it is a legitimate site (well as I definitely think so), and or a scam site. This I will tell you once I reach the minimum payment threshold and after I am paid. Of course I joined and am already having their ads running on my other site. And when am posting, I will make sure that I add a payment proof and screenshot just to share with you. For now, all I know is that Adsoid is legit.

Winding up : While Adsoid seems to be a legitimate site, there is this thing I have seen, and which is not the same case with other website. The site is not https, its http. There is not special payment set up for corresponding payment ways eg PayPal email field if you select PayPal, bank account details like Routing, account and others if you select Bank account, and etc. All of these have a same box which you should fill regardless of the payment option you chose. May be its their own way..

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