How to Pay Police Traffic Fine (EPS Ticket) Using Mobile Money

You can pay the Uganda police traffic fine (traffic express penalty ticket) in Uganda using Airtel Money, MTN mobile money, or at any Point of sale (POS) terminals available in your location. Unlike in the past when this was only possible via bank, technology has continued to ease how things are done, including the payment of Uganda traffic police fines.

In order to get started, you need an active PRN which you can generate following this guide. The generated payment registration number (PRN) can be paid using any Mobile money provider following a few simple instructions as indicated.

The process of generating the police fines assessment aka PRN is done from the URA web portal if no ticket bearing the PRN is issued to you by the Traffic police officer. Following a few steps, you are ready to download or get the Uganda revenue authority payment PRN number that can be used when making the payment using mobile money or bank.

How to pay police fine using MTN mobile money

  • Dial *165# OK
  • Input 4 for “Payments” and tap Send
  • Input 5 for “Fees and Taxes” and tap Send
  • Input 1 for “URA” and tap Send
  • Input 1 for “With PRN”
  • Enter “Payment Registration Number” and tap Send
  • Enter “PIN” and tap Send

How to pay Police fine using Airtel money

  • Dial *185# OK
  • Input 4 for “Pay Bill” and tap Send
  • Input 7 for “URA” and tap Send
  • Input 1 for “Pay Registered” and tap Send
  • Enter “Payment Registration Number” and tap Send
  • Enter “PIN” and tap Send

Once your payment PRN is valid, the amount of money associated with the police fine payment registration number will be shown where entering your mobile money PIN will confirm the payment, and a message sent to you.

What kind of penalties is issued for the express tickets?

Visit the 35 Road Offenses and Crimes that qualify the police to issue you with an express traffic ticket or penalty and follow the following procedures below to start the process of paying your penalty ticket.

Paying from Bank, POS, etc.

Simply print the payment registration slip and proceed to any bank of your choice. Present the payment slip together with the amount shown plus bank charges. Your payment will be enforced and a receipt bearing the bank stamp will be issued to you. For POS payments like PayWay, Quickteller Interswitch, Swapp, follow the same procedures as in the bank above.

In case of an expired PRN, you must go back to the traffic officer or police station and request another assessment of the offense, andnew PRN will be issued that is valid for 28 days.


The process of paying police fines became easier with the introduction of online payments by URA. Unlike in the past when one needed a payment BRAF form from the police, something which was time-consuming, technology has made it faster where payments can be made from your mobile money.

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