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Driving Permit Classes in Uganda and Obtaining them

By KWS Adams Dec31,2017
Driving permit classes in Uganda

Wondering how to obtain the different driving permit classes in Uganda? Read on as this post entails everything with regard. Obtaining a class B driving permit in Uganda is mandatory for all first-time motor vehicle drivers. This is an introductory class in vehicles as opposed to class A which is for motorcycles only, Class E for extended vehicle carriers, class F for handheld or foot-driven machines, class G for fork lifters, class H for tractors, and class I for boats.

If you are planning to drive for example a passengers taxi or van not exceeding 14 passengers which requires class DL, coasters which require class DM, buses that require class DH, goods trailers that require class CH, and medium goods trucks which require class CM, then obtaining class B, which opens you to driving vehicles is mandatory.

Driving Permit Classes in Uganda

  • A – Motorcycles
  • B – Cars up to 7 passengers and 3.5 tonnes
  • CM – Up to 7 tonnes.
  • CH – Heavy goods vehicles
  • DL – Taxis with up to 14 passengers
  • DM – Coaster buses
  • DH – Buses
  • E – Extra puller
  • F – Pedestrian controlled
  • G – Lifters
  • H – Tractors
  • I – Boats

Adding classes to your driving permit

Once you have acquired class B, of course, you will need to drive for a number of years before you can extend or add another class that falls in the passenger’s services or goods category vehicles. The current year’s limit and ages of the driver is set by the ministry of works for the traffic rules and regulations on behalf of the government and enforced by the issuing bodies.

One should note that there are driving permit fees that should be paid to URA bank on behalf of MoWT (UDLS) apply, for example, one should pay for a provisional, test fees, extension, exchange, renewals, medical examination fees, etc depending on what one is interested in.

Please note that depending on the vehicle or machine or whatever one wants to drive or ride, one should process the exact or matching class of driving permit in Uganda so as to be allowed to drive on the roads.

The minimum required age for one to acquire a driving permit in Uganda is 18 for starters, 25 years for upgrading to another class in the vehicle category but the same age requirement for motorcycles and others as we have seen above.

By KWS Adams

My name is KWS Adams . (Call me Kateregga). I am an IT addict who loves playing around with computers and internet. Computers help me try out different things while turning them into reality, while the internet powers me stay live online. Besides computers, I am a project planning and management professional with an Award obtained from MUK, one of the oldest and best Universities in Africa. Find me on Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp. Find more on how to contact me using the contact me page.

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38 thoughts on “Driving Permit Classes in Uganda and Obtaining them”
  1. Hello I have class B and it’s 1yr since I got it, I have 26yrs now and I want to extend it to class CE which is for trailer right, is it possible

  2. Hi,Am 24years old but l want to extend my permit to class DL ,can it be possible & am having experience for 3years now.

  3. Hello! Iam sam.
    Is it possible for me to renew my license for one year And also add class at the same time

    1. Drivers license in Uganda are issued instantly. Therefore, there is no way you can leave it once it’s issued. Unless you are telling me that you leave it uncollected intentionally.

  4. Just asking incase my name is Okech Jonathan Adingdong in all my documents but Udl prints as Jonathan Adingdong Okech in my temporary permit can it be corrected and does it come with any costs ?

  5. I have been driving alorry for the past seven years , I have never obtained a permit IAM 35yo can I get apermit of class cm.

    1. Yes you have been driving but in real sense doing it illegally without an approved document allowing you to do so. The best you can do is to start from class B since it’s what you are eligible for. For classes like CM, they count experience from basing on when your obtained the license.

      1. Process a driver’s license renew for a lapsed. And then upgrade to the class of your choice. Remember, you can add an extension in a lapsed or expired license. Renewal is your first step

  6. Hello, Adam.
    My class B permit is expiring soon, I was wondering if it is possible for someone to renew and add/extend more than 1 class to their new permit. Eg. I have a B class now, I would like to add A, CM and DL. Is this possible at once?

    1. The answer is yes. You can add more than one class at a time for as long as you are eligible. Eligibility is when you are of the right age, and adding classes which are not similar. By this I mean being aged 25 years plus, having driven for the recommended number of years, and adding a class for example CM for luggage, and DL for passengers but not different passenger claßes at the same time, it luggage classes at the same time. I hope this you understand well. In case you are still wondeting how to, call me on 0752009001 for a more explanation. And please note, I a PPD!

  7. Hi, if I have a European license with A and B and have driven for years and am over 25 – can I obtain a Ugandan extension so that I can drive a typical 14/16 seater?? weebale

    1. Depending on how your european driving license is interpreted during exchange, you may or may not qualify. Assuming your A and B were meant for 14 seater in europe, then you may be allowed to drive the same after an exchange or conversion. I would advise you to first contact UDLS and inquire before proceeding to do the conversion.

      1. The B is up to 8 people excluding driver. I wondered if I could change my European B into a Ugandan B and then just take exam/test/course(?) for extension to DL for typical supercustom/Hyundai/Toyota 14 seater.

        1. Similarly, the Ugandan class B is limited to 7 passengers. I suggest you make an exchange first, and later make an extension after the course. Hope that clarifies

    1. You can skip from B to DL since DL is passenger vehicles provided you have driven for the recommended number of years, and that you are in the allowed age. However, you may not skip from B to CH without CM. Call me for a detailed explanation.

    1. A certificate of competence issued by the IOV. Full test for the class of choice is CM. Aged 25 and above. Have a driver’s license aged 3 years plus. Full payment of both the test fees and extension of class.

    1. No, class B covers vehicles up to 7 passengers for passenger services including salons and wagons, and up to 3.5 tonnes for commercials. You should add class A for motorcycles.

  8. How much is renewing my ugandan drivers license as it expired and I’m currently abroad.

    1. No. Class B is for motor vehicles not exceeding 7 passengers and those goods vehicles not exceeding 3.5 tonnes. Better add class A for riding. Thanks.

  9. Give us details of all classes, for example B class is for 7 passengers and 3.5 tones, Is H for graders, tractors, excavators etc?

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