Driving Permit Classes in Uganda and Obtaining them

Driving permit classes in Uganda Wondering how to obtain the different driving permit classes in Uganda? Read on as this post entails everything with regard. Obtaining class B driving permit in Uganda is mandatory for all first time motor vehicle drivers. This is an introductory class in vehicles as opposed to class A which is for motor cycles only, and class E for extended vehicle carriers, class F for hand held or food driven machines, class G for fork lifters, class H for tractors and class I for boats.

If you are planning to drive for example a passengers taxi or van not exceeding 14 passengers which requires class DL, coasters which require class DM, buses which require class DH, goods trailers which require class CH and medium goods trucks which require class CM, then obtaining class B, which opens you to driving vehicles is mandatory.

Driving Permit Classes in Uganda

  • A – Motorcycles
  • B – Cars up to 7 passengers and 3.5 tonnes
  • CM – Up to 7 tonnnes.
  • CH – Heavy goods vehicles
  • DL – Taxis up to 14 passengers
  • DM – Coaster buses
  • DH – Buses
  • E – Extra puller
  • F – Pedestrian controlled
  • G – Lifters
  • H – Tractors
  • I – Boats

Once you have acquired class B, of course you will need to drive for a number of years before you can extend or add another class which falls in the passengers services or goods category vehicles. The current years limit and ages of the driver is set by the ministry of works for the traffic rules and regulations on behalf of the government and enforced by the issuing bodies.

One should note that specified fees which should be paid in the bank on behalf of Uganda revenue authority applies for example one should pay for a provisional, test fees, extension, exchange, renewals, medical examination fees,  and etc depending on what one is interested in.

Please note that depending on the vehicle or machine or whatever one wants to drive or ride, one should process the exact or matching class of driving permit in Uganda so as to be allowed to drive on the roads.

The minimum required age for one to acquire a driving permit in Uganda is 18 for starters, 25 years for upgrading to another class in the vehicle category but same age requirement for motor cycles and others as we seen above.

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  1. moses says:

    Give us details of all classes, for example B class is for 7 passengers and 3.5 tones, Is H for graders, tractors, excavators etc?

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