[Solved] Yellow Triangle With Thermometer Plus Failed Charging & Over Heating

[Solved] Yellow Triangle With Thermometer Plus Failed Charging & Over Heating When Charger plugged in, a yellow triangle with a meter / gauge / thermometer in red appears and the phone will stop charging while over heating at the same time. This is a common error in many Smartphones where by out of blue, you will find your Android smartphone in such a condition and displaying this error.

If you have been wondering on how you can go about solving this problem, reading this post might help you out. And yes, I have listed some of the different alternatives I have personally used on my Samsung GT smartphone and which so far is working all fine. No matter you own a Galaxy s2, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and any other android smartphone, this will help you get started on how to fix it.

The different alternative ways to solve and fix the Yellow Triangle With Thermometer Plus Failed Charging & Over Heating

1. Firstly, try to turn off your mobile phone and remove the battery. Try to cleanse its terminals and replace it. Turn back the phone on and plugin the charger and see. If the error comes back, then do step 2 below.

2. Get a different same charger supported on your device and use it to charge. Monitor your smartphone and see if the error comes back or its gone. And if its back, do step 3 below.

3. Find a same phone and change your battery to test. Put your phone on charge with a different battery and see if it works or not. If its working, then the answer to your problem is buying a new battery but if it fails, then head to step 4 below.

4. Do a back up of your device and use the reset settings option to default. This will erase everything and when your phone is back, chances are that it will be working assuming it was a corrupt file or something related to software. In case it fails, follow option 5 below.

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5. Go to Google Play store and download a cleansing app like Du Battery. Install it and run it. Immediately, you will see a notification of heating error and the process associated. You will hit terminate and he process will be killed. Your phone is likely to charge again with no more Yellow Triangle With Thermometer Plus Failed Charging & Over Heating but in case it fails, then go to 6 below.

6. Get a universal charger and do direct charging of your smartphone battery. This means that you will encounter no more yellow caution with meter when charging and nor your phone will not over heat again. However, you can as well try to flash your smartphone and see if it goes, and or, just buy a replacement device.

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