AZAM TV Decoder Solution/Fix For Smartcard Never Paired / Pairing Required

AZAM TV This tutorial is about how to solve and fix the AZAM TV Smartcard Never paired, and or Pairing required. And yes, if you have just purchased or bought an AZAM TV digital decoder so as to tune in to the new digital world as required by the Uganda Communication commission, this article is for you to read. AZAM TV is one of the key players in the Ugandan Digital Migration and is known to have been in existence alongside the well known Multichoice (DSTV), Startimes, Zuku TV and others.

The No Smartcard never paired error is a very common problem to the new subscribers where by the majority don’t know what to do while some simple remain stranded with the only option being taking back the Star times Digital set box and reporting it as not working. Others will wait for a number of days before watching their paid and subscribed channels and which isn’t worth basing on the fact that there is an option which can solve the errors above instantly even without leaving your home, office or anywhere you have been connected to. Read how to fix AZAM TV access denied error.

Before you start thinking of having been cheated as many think, saying that you bought junk, talking of the AZAM TV set not working just because of the Smartcard Never Paired error, and any other query you might have, why not try out some of the below and see if you can go online.

Alternative Ways To Solve The Fix / Solve The AZAM TV Smartcard Never Paired / Pairing required

Before you get started, you should note that where you bought your decoder matters. If you buy directly from their service centers or shops, you will get instant activation. But if you buy from the street agents and sub-agents, chances are that you will either do the below to get connected (solve problem) or wait for some few days in order to be subscribed.

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Smartcard Never Paired – “Your smartcard and decoder have not been registered or activated for services yet. If registration is done, please dial *150*50*5# and select, “Activate New Connection”. If you get an error that your smartcard is not registered, please contact the agent you bought your kit from to complete registration”. Alternatively use the contacts in 2 below.

Pairing Required – “Make sure you are using a correct smartcard that was paired with your decoder. You can contact AZAM TV on the following numbers, 0764700222, 0784108000 or 022 550 8080. You can also send an SMS or WhatsApp message to 0788678797 or email us at [email protected]

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8 Responses

  1. lcrwanda says:

    Niko Rwanda kingamuzi cyangu niko napata message ” smart card expired…nifanye nini

  2. Fridah Kawira karanja says:

    Am requesting for a quick activation in Kenya,please all customer care numbers r not going through, kindly help.

  3. Hadija iddy tessua says:

    Nipo tanga kingamuzi ni kipyq chanel zipo lakin hazioneshi imeandika the smart card never paired

  4. Godfrey chalamila says:

    I need to register my decoder. Azam decoder. The Azam decoder number is SN 633150000556058 and card number is 212960146681

  5. Frank says:

    I request for quick activation of new Azam set in Uganda

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