How To Obtain/Get/Acquire A Computerized National Identity Card In Pakistan With NADRA

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The National Database and Registration Authority is the Pakistan government agency under the Interior ministry which among its duties is issuing of the Computerized National-Identity Card to all citizens who are eligible for such cards.

NADRA not only is responsible for CNIC issuance but also does regulates and manage all sensitive registration database of Pakistan citizens on behalf of the government. It is additionally responsible for Cancellation of CNIC, Duplicate of CNIC, Correction of Official Mistake in CNIC, Issuance of new CNIC and Modification of CNIC.

And whether one is looking for a new or a replacement computer-made identity card, its the duty of the National Database and Registration Authority. The CNIC is mandatory when you are to open a bank account, to vote, obtain a a passport, a a mobile phone SIM card, buying land, admission to college, buying a vehicle, electricity, gas, and water, getting a driver license, making a major financial transaction, admission to university and many more.

If you are looking on how to acquire and or get your Computerized-National-Identity-Cards, this post will help you know the requirements, step by step procedures involved and how to get started. All you need is to take your time and read the article in full so as to know what you may have been looking out for.

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The applicant is required to produce either of the following documents when applying for a Pakistan CNIC.

A matriculation certificate or a birth certificate or an old NIC or CNICs of immediate/blood relatives or citizenship certificate issued by MOI.

The entire application process involves data acquisition at data acquisition unit (DAU), issuance of token, thumb and signatures, photo capturing, form printing, data acquisition by DEO, attestation & form Submission, delivery of CNIC to NSRC, Data uploading to NADRA Data warehouse, printing at production, verification and clearance from NADRA-data-warehouse and others.

How To Get Started? In order to get started, visit for more details and or their offices.

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How To Obtain/Get/Acquire A Computerized National Identity Card In Pakistan With NADRA

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