How To Fix Airtel Digital TV Error Code B001/14 /4/SM2/6

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Airtel DTH Digital TV

Learn how to fix and troubleshoot the different Airtel digital TV error codes by yourself, and at home. Regardless of the Airtel DTH error displaying on your screen for example, error code message B001 which stands for No signal, error code 14, code 2 which shows Viewing card is not inserted properly in Set top box, error code 4 which shows The Channel is not Subscribed by you and error code 6 which is for Account is suspended due to low balance.

In this article, you will find the solution which will help you fix and get rid of any of the above Airtel digital TV error codes instantly and right there. All you need to do is to follow the information as provided below since that is the only way which will help you solve and remove those error messages from your TV display.

How to solve Airtel digital TV error code B001 – No signal

This No signal error code B001 is related to a bad or poor signal. This can be as a result of many factors including bad installation, bad weather, bad connectors and many others. In order to fix this up, you will need to check that your DTH Dish is in a location with better signal, ensure that all connections are in the best way and wait for the weather to become normal assuming it was bad. Just in case all fails, you can contact your customer service center and or call their helpline number.

How to solve Airtel digital TV error code 6 – Account is suspended

If you are sure that you have recharged, then you should wait for up to 24 hours to have your channels back on your decoder. This error is in many cases a result of your month having ended and without you renewing your subscription. Just in case it fails, you can get in touch with the customer care help and have it activated remotely.

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How to solve Airtel digital TV error code 4 – Channel is not Subscribed

This is self explanatory. It occurs when you attempt to view channels which are not in your subscription plan. And sometimes, this can also be when your most recent subscription is not yet activated. You should try to view channels in your bundle, and or wait until your recharge is activated. Calling customer care assuming this doesn’t work can also help you.

How to solve error code 2 – Viewing card is not inserted properly

As seen, this error is common when you have not inserted your viewing card well in your Set top box. You should cross check that you inserted the card the right way, and or try to use a soft cloth and cleanse the card, and insert it back. You can also restart your decoder and see if it works. Just in case all these fails, you can contact your nearest Airtel Digital TV customer care center and have a replacement of your damaged Azam Tv card.

How To Fix Airtel Digital TV Error Code B001/14 /4/SM2/6

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  1. SMS HRCUSTOMER_ID to 54325 from Any Airtel Mobile
    For example HR 3025364565-003 to 54325

  2. What should I do.I get ten sports signal for 10 minutes in the evening.All other channels I get.please let me know whats the problem

  3. Error code Boo1 troubling so much
    Every time it happens.
    When ever call to customer care to complaint just they put it on hold never take back.

  4. Error code 14.
    Please help me resolve the issue. Customer care isn’t responding well. Not able to watch TV from past 3 days.

    1. Thank you for the comment akshay balbhdri about Error code B001. Please follow the instructions in the guide as they seem to work for many. In case you fail, contact your nearest customer care center and you will be helped.

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