8 Free Email Services That Require No Phone Verification

Here is the list of the top 8 free email address account providers where you can create an account without phone verification. Gone are the days when you had to exchange your phone number in order to get an email account. Using any of these free services will allow you to instantly get an email address without having to verify a phone number.

But wait, did you know that adding your phone number to your free email address gives you additional security? If you are okay with sharing your phone number in exchange for an account, then you shouldn’t worry about where to go to create a free email account with the availability of all time populate service providers.

Service providers like Gmail by Google.com, Outlook aka Hotmail by Microsoft.com, Ymail aka Yahoomail by Yahoo.com, Mail.com, etc providers continue to lead in the world of the best free email address providers with no strings attached. You can check out how to create email accounts with Gmail, Yahoo mail and Outlook provided you are ready to do phone verification.

How to create a free email address account on Gmail?

  • Visit “https://www.gmail.com
  • Click “Create An Account”
  • Fill in all the “Required Information”
  • Click “Next”
  • Input “Phone Number” and other information
  • Click “Next” to verify phone
  • Agree to “Terms”
  • Click “Sign Up”

If Gmail if your choice, follow the below procedures above to get started with opening your fresh new email address.

How to create an email account on Yahoo mail

  • Visit “www.yahoomail.com
  • Click on “Create an account”
  • Enter “Required Information”
  • Fill in the “Capatcha” verification
  • Verify “Phone Number”
  • Complete “Sign Up”

How to create an email account on Microsoft (Outlook, Hotmail, etc)

  • Visit “www.hotmail.com
  • Click on “Sign Up Now”
  • Fill in “Required Information”
  • Enter “Phone Number”
  • Verify “Phone”
  • Complete “Sign Up”

Best 8 free email address account services without phone verification

  • Tutanota.com
  • Emailondeck.com
  • GMX.com
  • Protonmail.com
  • Mailfence.com
  • Mail.com
  • Guerrillamail.com
  • Mailnesia.com


Tutanota allows anyone to sign up for a secure encrypted email account for free. Tutanota is open source, has end-to-end encryption with 2FA, and works on iOS, Linux, Windows, Android, and Desktop browsers.


Emailondeck gives you a non permanent email address that is disposable. You can use it to recieve email messages from people you don’t trust while ensuring your data and privacy is safe. There is no phone verification required. Creating an email account is simple and easy.


GMX Mail gives you access to a unique email packed with lots of features. You get a free instant fast email account with up to 65GB storage and up to 50MB of file attachments. Best of all, there is no need for phone verification in order to create an email address account.


Proton is all about privacy, freedom, and security. With no phone verification during email account sign-up, your data is completely secure and belongs to you. You get an easy-to-use encrypted email account with additional features including a calendar, file storage, VPN, etc all of which are built on the principle of your own rules.


Mailfence offers an private and secure encrypted email account free from forced ads, tracking, backdoors and surveillence. You sign up without a phone and enjoy all tyhe benefits while worrying less about your data and privacy.


Mail.com prides itself for being the best free email alternative that is secure and private requiring no phone number verification when creating an account. You get advanced email security, up to 65 GB email storage and up to 200 email domains to choose from. You pick a username, check availability and instantly sign up for an email address account.


Guerrillamail.com gets yoiu a disposable email address account that you can use and let go. This means more security with no followbacks since you dispose the email account once you use it. You worry less about spam and privacy


Mailnesia allows you create an annonymous email address that is disposable within seconds. It is a secure email that require no phone verification yet disposable after use. No spam, no registration nor password. It is just an email that works yet secure.

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