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MTN Mobile Money Charges Uganda 2022

By KWS Adams Aug17,2019
MTN Mobile Money Rates Uganda Updated

Effective 2022, MTN Uganda slashed its mobile money withdrawal charges. If you are wondering what the new MTN mobile money rates are currently, kindly find the tariff guide below and find how much you will be charged for your Withdraws.

Also, the new mtn mobile money tariff chart includes sending fees from mtn to mtn mobile users, mtn to other network users, mtn to the bank, mtn to east Africa, paying utility bills including umeme, national water (nwsc), start times, nssf, DStv, multiplex, Azam tv, ready pay solar, school fees payment, withdraw from agent and atm.

The new MTN Mobile money rates are charged in Uganda shillings and are tax inclusive.

New MTN Mobile money charges 2022

Amount (UGX)Sending Money (UGX)Making Payments (UGX)Withdrawing Fees (UGX)Senkyu PointsTax (UGX)
Min MaxTo MTNTo Other NetworksTo the BankTo East AfricaTo Azam TV, Ready Pay, School Fees, Solar NowTo UMEME, NWSC, DStv, StarTimes, NSSF, MultiplexFrom AgentFrom ATMMinMax
500  2,50030830N/A1,0001101903306313
2,501  5,0001009401,5001,1501506004401,15081325
5,001  15,0003501,8801,5001,4005​501,0007001,150142575
15,001  30,0005002,3101,5001,6506501,6008801,1501675150
30,001  45,0006002,3101,5001,9507502,1001,2101,40024150225
45,001  60,0007502,5001,5002,2508502,8001,5001,40030225300
60,001  125,0001,0003,3251,5003,2009503,7001,9252,15038300625
125,001  250,0001,1004,9752,2505,0001,0504,1503,5754,000706251,250
250,001  500,0001,2507,1754,1009,0501,3005,3007,0006,6501401,2502,500
500,001  1,000,0001,25012,6506,15017,2003,3506,30012,50011,9501502,5005,000
1,000,001  2,000,0001,25022,0009,25033,4505,7506,30015,0003005,00010,000
2,000,001  4,000,0001,25037,40011,30055,9005,7506,30018,00036010,00020,000
4,000,001  7,000,0001,25055,00011,30061,1005,7506,30020,00040020,00035,000

Please note that all of the above charges taxes inclusive in Ugandan Shillings and are automatically deducted on the process of transaction. Paying for goods and services with MoMoPay is FREE.

Additional Information about MTN Mobile money

– Daily transaction limit: UShs 7 000 000
– Minimum account balance: UShs 0
– Maximum account balance: UShs 15 000 000
– Minimum transaction amount: UShs 50
– PIN change: free
– Balance check: free
– Mini-statement: free
– MTN Mobile Money registration: free
– MTN Mobile Money (deposit): free
– Buying airtime is free
– Buying data bundles are also free
– Do not pay the agent any transaction or registration fees.
– Dial *165# and Yes to access your MTN Mobile Money account.
– SMS charges are generated by the MTN Mobile Money transactions performed by the customer while roaming.

Due to the nature of the financial sector in Uganda, the above charges are subject to change by MTN Uganda at any time. In case changes have occurred with the transaction rates and this post isn’t yet updated, please refer to the MTN Mobile Money page for the most recent update. You can also download the rates chart in PDF by pressing CTRL+P, select PDF converter app and click print. The chart files will be saved onto your selected location on your computer.

By KWS Adams

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