How To Become A Payway Agent In Uganda?

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Payway agent in Uganda

Wondering how you can become a Payway agent in Uganda? I recommend you that you go on and read this post since it contains some vital information which might be very useful in your bid to become one of the Uganda’s payment instant bill payments and processing. Yes, I have been asked a number of times by my readers about the same information, and I have too tried my best to contact sources I thought were the best but in vain.

However, as an internet based researcher, I am happy to share with you my findings backed by screenshot on how you should go becoming a Payway agent in Uganda. This same information might as well be helpful to those who live outside Uganda eg Tanzania, Kenya and others basing on the fact that they are among the many who emailed me about the same. One reason this Blog exists, is to share information with whoever might want it, and below we go.

How to Become a Key Account Manager...

Steps to becoming a Payway agent in Uganda?

Payway agent website

Hey, the above is a screenshot taken on Payway’s Twitter page – of course, this is publicly accessible. Basing on what Peace asked on the “Become a PayWay agent! Details at” status, the response was for her to give in the contact details so that “may be”, she could be responded to. This is the same which option which I tried but in vain 🙂 And for the linked site, its simply a parked domain.

Payway agent story

u need around 2m ug shs. 2 become an agent dat includes initial float of 1m+machine. comision is mnthly&varies 4rm network 2 network [email protected] made. go 2 shoprit lugogo, any BIGWIN SHOP,emerald hotel bombo rd, ofice op. acaciamall, ofic opp. pasword nakulabye

In the screenshot taken from this as seen above, the same question has been asked a number of times by different users. And in one of the answers which isn’t be confirmed to be a Payway staff response or not, quoted is what was answered. This if true, means that all you need is to have 2 million Uganda shillings.

payway agent registration

Take a look at this screenshot above, all messages by, you will find that you can become an agent in different ways for example; the ones below. With Pay way, you can even buy Skype credits, load airtime, renew TV subscriptions and much more..

1. “Supplement your Income, buy Smart Phone+ Blue tooth printer at only 99$ and become a retailer”.
2. “Become our retailer easily and earn, buy our thermal printer at $70 only.”

What does all this Mean?

Simple, if you are looking for a way to become a Payway Uganda retailer or egent, the answer is very simple. You can walk into any of the Payway offices and inquire more details. You can as well call them on +256414255108, 0800203020, or even 0792240818 through Whatsapp. You can as well check on their website and see if you can get any additional information with regard. Now you see, that is one of the quick ways you can become one!


After a long struggle in search for the exact requirements, Payway Uganda finally made it clear with what one is required to have in order to become an operator or agent. And here are the requirements one should meet in order to become a Payway Partner or Agent.

For companies (Limited Liability company)

– Certified copy of memorandum & articles of association
– Certified copy of certificate of incorporation
– Certified copy of company form no.7

For firms

– Certified copy of certificate of registration
– Certified copy of statement of particulars

General requirements for all

– Copy of national ID or driving permit
– Passport photographs of two partners, share-holders or Directors
– Letter of recommendation from LC
– Cost of the POS and float as directed by the sales professional

Why should you become a Payway Partner or Agent?

– Attractive commission.
– Wide network of service providers.
– Requires relatively cheap hard ware.
– Easy to operate.
– Robust reporting capabilities.
– Guaranteed connectivity.
– Easy to access and manage float.
– No need to deal with several suppliers.
– Recognized brand.
– Controlled user access.
– Receipt printing capacity.
– Dedicated account manager.
– Toll free line for support

Now that you have read this, why not think about joining the best network with good commission in addition to better service.. If you were inquiring on how to get a Payway machines for sale and even on how much is a payway machine in Uganda costs, then take a look at the opening paragraphs above.

How To Become A Payway Agent In Uganda?

29 thoughts on “How To Become A Payway Agent In Uganda?

  1. Thanks so much for the important information on how to become a payway agent. I would like to join you as an agent. Thanks.

  2. I was disappointed when I tried to get a Payway terminal. I got all the requirements they needed, went to their Nsambya head office and I was told the machines were out of stock and they were to call me back. 3 layers later, they have never contacted me

  3. Hello Consult Hub,
    Thank you for your efforts, I would advise that as an internet researcher as you call yourself in the article,try to dig further and get concrete information, in fact, ally with the best instead of spending your energy negatively. In your article, you try your best to show Pebbu as a success and PayWay as a failure, but you forget one thing; Customers know what they want for sure!! Even after all the negative efforts, prospects went ahead to assure you what their need was: PayWay, NOT Pebbu.You can build meaningful reputation to your own brand as a blogger without telling lies.

    1. Thank you Lonah for the comment, I really appreciate.

      Well, I would only request a thing, show me or quote where I wrote negatively about PayWay? For sure, this is not a comparison article right? Hope you can see that with your eyes. This article has linkable images which are all about becoming a Payway agent. There is nothing else I added apart from sharing how basing on factual evidence as shown. I don’t mind, you may be a Payway agent or owner or etc and my only advise would be for you to proof read the entire article and get to know its meaning. Next time I will simply trash your comment if its meaningless as the above is. You can’t even quote a single line where I negatively talked of Payway, and or praised Pebuu.

  4. Thank you, and I ready applied to become an agent of pay way but I really want to get a machine on loan if possible am ready to work.

  5. I love a situation where the supervisors who visit agents to always ask permission whenever they want to take photos of our shop but not standing by side and take pics

    its not ethical

  6. Thank u so much for your information on how to become a pay way agent.
    I also have a plan of becoming an agent but am still looking for money any time am coming at your office to purchase the machines.
    thanks alot.

  7. I have been looking for u people in mukono town. Till I clicked on your website. I’m very willing to join u in your business.

  8. Thanks for your service. I have read your information on your web site and I’m very anxious to join u people as an agent tomorrow. Thanks

  9. I will love to join Payway connection as an agent, I loved the services rendered by the company.

    1. Like I shared in the post, you should follow the guide other than you wanting payway to call you. Follow every bit and you will get to what you want.

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