Airtel Money Charges Uganda 2018

Airtel money sending and withdraw rates updatedWant to send or receive money across Uganda using Airtel money? Or you simply want to know how much you will be charged for depositing, sending or even withdrawing cash at the different points including Airtel Agents, shops and points?

Whether you want to top up Airtime, transfer funds from one account to another, to and from another country eg India, Kenya or to PayTM, this post has it all just for you when it comes to the current (updated) charges and rates.

Airtel money is one of the leading money transfer services not only in Uganda but in Africa, India and etc. With Airtel money, you are able to do more than just sending and receiving money.

Airtel money Uganda allows you to buy airtime and data directly from the account, allows you to Pay bills including Water, Electricity, Utility, Multiplex, TV and more.

With the financial sector being one of the booming business in Uganda, lots of changes with regard to Airtel money charges and rates change at any one point in time thus making subscribers wonder what the updated mobile money transfer rates and charges are.

If you are wondering about what the Updated Airtel money charges and rates are in Uganda currently, check out the table below.

Airtel Money Transaction Fees / Charges / Rates

Transactional Tiers

Sending Money Withdrawal Charges

Bill Pay Structure


Max Sending to Registered Users Sending to Unregistered users & other Networks Agent Point Withdrawal charge ATM Withdrawal charge
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Pay goods & services

Merchant Transactions
500 2500 250 1000 330 NA 110 190
2501 5000 500 1000 440 NA 140 330
5001 15000 1000 2000 700 1100 500 1000
15001 30000 1000 2200 880 1100 500 1600
30001 45000 1000 2800 1210 1320 500 2000
45001 60000 1000 2800 1500 1320 550 2650
60001 125000 1500 4400 1925 2035 660 3500
125001 250000 1500 8400 3575 3795 950 3950
250001 500000 1500 11000 7000 6325 1250 5050
500001 1000000 2000 21000 12500 11385 200 10700
1000001 2000000 2000 40000 19800 NA 5500 20500
2000001 4000000 2000 70500 35200 NA 10000 40000
4000001 5000000 2000 70500 49500 NA 10000 40000

Additional information

Users should know the following information with regard to Airtel Money transactions.
– Daily maximum transactional limit is 5,000,000 (Five million Uganda shillings).
– Maximum account balance is 12,500,000 (Twelve million, five hundred thousand Uganda shillings).
– Depositing money is free (You are not required to pay in order to deposit to your account).
– Buying airtime through Airtel money is free (Even a friend can buy for you using his or her line).
– Airtel money registration and pin reset are all free (Done at the service center or allowed point / shop countrywide).
– You are not supposed to pay any transaction charges to the agents.
– Dial *185# to access your Airtel money account.
– Mobile money transfer Tax of 1% (claimed to be 0.5%) applies to all incoming transfers except from Deposits.

Airtel money transactional charges and rates for sending and withdrawing are subject to revision by Airtel Uganda at any time. Please refer to their page for an updated version of the rates in case this post isn’t yet updated from the most recent changes.

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