What Is #CenteSwift And How Does It Work?

Have you too heard about CenteSwift? Do you know how it works? Did you even know that you can receive money free? Regardless of what your answer is, this post will help you learn more with regard. A product of Centenary bank, CenteSwift is a service which allows anyone to send money to their loved ones, and have them receive that cash at any CenteAgent point at zero fees.

Without the need to first have a Centenary bank account, you are ready to pick up your cash at any of the Agent points. This means that sending money to your loves ones has got even better with zero charges when picking it up.

This service comes amidst world cries as a result of the Coronavirus pendamic. See full message as which was posted on the bank’s Twitter and Facebook social pages quoted below..

We understand your need to send money to your families and loved ones amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

With CenteSwift you receive cash at no cost from a #CenteAgent near you and avoid crowds. No need to have an account with the Bank.

Please contact us on toll-free 0800200555 / 0800335344 or https://bit.ly/CenteCustomerCare for any inquiries.

#COVID19 #StaySafeUG

How to send money

  • Visit any CenteAgent point.
  • Provide details of the receiver including amount to send.

How to recieve money

  • Visit anyt CenteAgent point.
  • Provide details and pick your cash.

Sending and recieving money using this feature is as simple as that.

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