11 Best Free Virtual Credit Card With No Deposit

A free virtual credit card is the ultimate solution for everyone who would prefer to stay safer and private when it comes to transacting primarily online. Through the use of these no-deposit cards, one enjoys more than the purpose of verifying service providers like Paypal, Payza, Moneybookers, etc services.

Whether you need such instantly to verify eBay, Amazon, etc, below is the list of the 11+ best anonymous virtual credit card providers you might want to try in 2023.

Bonus card: Prepaid PayPal Verification Credit Card

If you want to verify your PayPal account, the Prepaid PayPal Verification Credit Card is the one you are looking for. I have personally tried this and worth it. You get a card that is preloaded with either $3, $6, or $11 depending on your choice. You also have the option to request reload once you have the card with you. Very good card and highly rated.

#1. Neteller Card

Neteller allows you to create a free account, verify your email, and get a free instant prepaid VCC from your account. You can create more than 5 free other cards which you can fund using the different alternatives provided. When you are done, you can use it anywhere online where the logo is supported and you can apply for a plastic one that is shipped to your address.

#2. Bancore

Bancore completed the testing phase. And now, they are offering a new MasterCard VCC which you can create instantly when you create an account and log in.

#3. Entropay card

Entropay does offer you both Prepaid Virtual Visa and MasterCards which are simple, are instant, and can be used to make payments, receive online payments, pay via phone, load funds instantly, convert your funds to a different currency, etc. If you love Entropay, then you can too try it out.

#4. Free Instant Prepaid VSVCC

This is an eBook at Amazon that has a list of virtual credit card providers you will ever want to check out. I bought it and found it helpful. You will discover the secret way to create instant free virtual cards, fund them, and from a long list of hidden providers.

#5. OKCard

You can create a free VCC instantly and use it to verify, pay and or shop online. It is all simple and the process is easy.


Within a single minute, you are able to get access to knowledge on how to get it instantly. Yes, you spend a few cents and get an idea that you can even use to make more money.

#7. Kotak Bank

You generate these cards yourself and instantly. You can expire them by yourself. You can use them to verify PayPal and get an instant PPCode from within your online account. It takes less than 1 minute to have your Virtual.

#8. Payoneer

Their Euro service gives you an instant virtual credit card. And additionally, when you join using this link, you earn up to $25 free on your card which can be used to verify PayPal and other providers.

#9. Ivcc

They are available in Blue, Brown, and Yellow with different denominations. You can use any of them for all confirmation purposes with instant PP numbers.

#10. ICICIBank VCC

The virtual credit cards are issued as add-on Visa Credit Cards which are attached to your primary Card and are virtual. You can make any transaction and they are valid from the date to the expiry date as seen on the CVV numbers which are visible online.

#11. CCbank

These are Prepaid virtual credit cards issued by financial institutions, banks, or providers and have an expiry date. You can shop, pay PayPal free or verify with them.

With 2023 here, it is very important for one to stay in the new year with a new way to protect his banking information. And that is why making use of the above-reviewed prepaid providers and companies can help you achieve that. I will keep adding until the list reaches 100

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