Pay Later Uganda! Buy Anything And Pay In Installments

where can i buy electronics and pay later uganda monthly

Wondering where you can buy now anything like electronics and pay later in monthly installments? Let me introduce to you Pay Later Uganda in this personal review.

Pay Later Uganda is a lease-to-own business service that is proud to offer Ugandan consumers products of their choice including household items, furniture, vehicle tires, air tickets, automotive spare parts, appliances, electronics, etc on monthly leasing agreements.

Through Pay Later Uganda’s corporate and franchise stores, anyone can get access to their flexible payment options thus allowing you to own any product from a wide range of selections using the Buy now, pay later deal.  

Pay Later Uganda’s buy now pay later works within anyone’s budget by making leasing a bit more quick and easy when it comes to allowing you to get and own merchandise you want, for example, a Samsung TV or Mobile smartphone.

Can Buy Now Pay Later Products

  • Smartphones for example iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S2, A71, Apple pencil, etc
  • Computers for example MacBook Pro 13,
  • Television for example Samsung, Skyworth 75’, Agab TV stand, etc
  • Audio appliances
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Mattresses
  • Car tyres
  • Perfumes
  • Etc.

Best of all, Pay Later Uganda also has an option for you to inquire about a product of choice that is not listed in their stores and have it brought to you still using the Buy now pay later option.

Featuring a wide range of products like the Babs fabric bed king size, Guma TV stand, Hamya leather sofa, Mbuga coffee, Kwera blended leather, etc, you are ready to own that product and pay later in monthly Installments, etc

Pay Later Uganda Accepted Payments Methods

  • Airtel Money
  • MTN Mobile Money
  • Mastercard
  • FlexiPay
  • Etc

Once you make a choice on the product and take it, you can pay your installments through a wide range of options including MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money. This means that paying will never be a worry since you are able to pay anytime and from anywhere.

The PayLater App

I haven’t been able to find the Pay Later mobile application from Google Play Store. Maybe sooner that will be available and I will definitely link it here so you are able to download it and install it on your mobile device and smartphone.

Pay Later Uganda Registration

Pay later Uganda account sign up
  • Visit Pay later “My account page
  • Click on “Sign up”
  • Enter “Required information”
  • Check “Terms agreement”
  • Click “Sign up”

You will receive an email message with instructions on what next. Once you are done, you will be ready to shop for your favorite products and pay in installments. Depending on if you qualify, a customer service person will contact you for details on how to proceed.

Pay Later Uganda Contact

You can contact Pay Later Uganda via phone +256 780 180003. You can also drop your message on their website using their contact us form.

Final Word

Buy Now Pay Later Uganda is here to help your own products of choice even when you don’t have the full amount. Through their buy now pay later shopping option, you can get TV loans, mobile phones, etc, and fine-tune your home according to your specifications. Later, you are able to pay hassle-free on agreed installments thus making life even better. If you haven’t yet tried it, maybe it’s high time you do that.

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