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Changes in Marketing Strategies Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

By KWS Adams Jul30,2020
Changes in Marketing Strategies Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

It’s no surprise that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone’s lives including small livelihoods to major conglomerates. This has caused many people to lose jobs and a lot of businesses to close down.

Such rare unfortunate events will continue to happen in the future and will affect many people and businesses. But for some well-prepared individuals and companies, they’re continuing to get through the challenges of the pandemic.

An effective marketing strategy is one of the important things any business owner must think about during this time. It’ll be the factor to continue striving during these challenging times.

The Changes in Marketing Strategies During the Pandemic

In the wake of the global pandemic crisis, marketing teams can either be paralyzed or galvanized to thrive. Some are cutting back on their marketing, even laying off their entire marketing team. Whereas others are being agile to see the opportunities, coming up with interesting ways to engage their audience through these difficult times.

If you wish to stay in business, then you cannot stay idle for too long. Here are some of the changes in marketing strategies that you can adapt to survive.

Giving More Importance to Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

Influencer marketing involves a popular person on social media or other community platforms that have a large number of followers. Many companies have already been using influencers for marketing purposes. But it has proven to be one of the best strategies during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Influencers can tap into their followers’ emotions better than only promoting posts on social media. They can offer discounts and special offers from businesses through contests and events.

One example is the YouTuber, Will Paterson. In this video, you’ll notice that the video mentions that it includes a paid promotion. This influencer’s video has been backed up by Fiverr, an online freelance service marketplace.

The video itself features what the site can offer to clients. After only a few months, the video has over 1 million views. This is one effective way of using influencers.

Cost-Cutting on Marketing Resources

free resources for cost cutting

Small businesses that aren’t to be digitally transformed before the pandemic have experienced a negative impact. Transforming to the pandemic would take a great chunk from their resources. That’s why they need to find affordable means for marketing.

One way is utilizing social media. There are options for boosting the content you post on these platforms. But there are ways to get more views and followers without spending on ads.

Going for free and cheaper options may be the best way for small businesses. Here are some ways small businesses can cut costs on social media marketing.

Small businesses can use different marketing strategies using resources that won’t break the bank.

Modifying Outreach Email Campaigns

Email marketing tactics have also changed due to the pandemic. Before Covid-19, emails were probably scheduled to be sent when working hours begin.

Now, take into account that most company employees and executives work from home. Sending emails during late mornings and early afternoons have the highest response rate.

The messages in the emails have also been changing. More companies are sending newsletters and other emails related to the pandemic. This is to become more relevant to current trends and issues.

Content Marketing on an Emotional and Optimistic Level

social media content marketing

During Google’s algorithm core update in May 2020, many websites’ traffic has gone down. The speculation and studies closest to the reason why this happened is the fact that Google wants Internet users to find relevant and valuable information.

This has become a struggle for many websites. But with the use of effective content marketing strategies, they have a great chance to improve their traffic once again.

Many of these sites have adapted their content to be more emotional, optimistic, and sensitive to their target readers. People staying at home have more time to read, watch, and view content. Tapping their emotions is one of the effective marketing tactics nowadays.

One example is an Instagram post from McDonald’s. They’ve used a tactic where they have delivered an optimistic message despite the negative effect of the pandemic. From the day it was posted, it gathered thousands of likes.

This can be a related experience for their consumers which is an intelligent way of marketing using emotions and optimism.

The Rise Of Virtual Events

It is uncertain when the real events will be back in our lives. Fortunately, technology allows us to host a virtual event and is not limited to just a single locality.

With good internet connectivity, you can participate in a virtual event from anywhere around the world.

So, why the need to join these virtual events during this crisis?

First, you get to reach a much broader audience since people can join from anywhere in the globe. Second, virtual events are a lot cheaper to hold since you do not have to incur the costs of hiring an event planner as well as booking a venue and other essentials.

Third, virtual events are measurable. It is easy to determine how many people attended, which sessions were popular, their residence, and how attendees paid for their tickets.

Inspiring Stories Amidst The Pandemic And Giving Back

Some brands and companies have already produced compelling campaigns, speaking to the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For instance, Dove created a spot shining a light on the bravery of health care workers. Other brands like Burger King and Budweiser focus on stories of social distancing and encouraging individuals to do their part in preventing the spread of the virus by staying at home.

Then there’s also Sam’s Club 60-second spot showing appreciation and thanking its employees, calling them the retail superheroes.

In addition to the more creative storytelling, marketers and companies are doing more, paying forward, and providing as much value and information as possible to the community and their customers.

We are seeing a lot of companies giving back in several forms. For example, tech companies such as Apple mobilized their resources to produce the much-needed PPEs. Jägermeister, on the other hand, is hosting virtual events to help raise funds for restaurant owners in New York. The fitness giant Nike even temporarily removed its subscription fees for its app to help people stay fit while on quarantine.

These moves transcend marketing strategies and might not even increase sales. However, they will build goodwill and help in driving long-term loyalty. The faster the world can beat this pandemic by helping each and everyone in need, the better chance all companies have in surviving this crisis.


For most businesses, it has been a rough and devastating few months. In these uncharted territories, relying on the same marketing strategies alone is dangerous, but even more so if you don’t do anything.

So, while it is important to recognize the fears and uncertainties surrounding the current crisis, do not let it paralyze you and your business. Enabling your team and adapting to the current changes in marketing strategies is the key to navigating your way through this crisis.

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