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How To Delete YouTube Video [Also Unlist or Turn It Private]

By KWS Adams Feb 18, 2023
Delete YouTube Video

You can delete YouTube videos you no longer want or even hide them from the public by following these few instructions in this article. By deleting, you will no longer be able to access it unlike when you turn it private where only you, the creator will see the video, just like unlisting will unpublish it.

YouTube allows you to create, upload and share public videos that creators think have a reason to be viewed. From funny videos to tutorials, short to long movies, picture slideshows to photo shows, etc, anyone with internet access can create and share any video of choice for as long as it doesn’t violate the terms of use.

Anytime one decides to down a YouTube video, they can do so by deleting it or even hiding it from public access by turning it private. Regardless of the reason one may have, simply follow the instructions below to delete or hide your media.

How to delete YouTube Video

delete YouTube Video
  • Visit “”
  • Click “Profile Icon” on the top  right side
  • Click “Your Channel”
  • Click “Manage Videos”
  • Check “All videos you want to delete”
  • Click “More Actions”
  • Click “Delete Forever”

In the popup box, check the box next to ‘I understand that deleting is permanent and can’t be undone” and click on “delete forever”. All selected YouTube videos you uploaded will be deleted and you will not be able to view them.

In case you want to delete a single video, simply check that single one you want to “delete” and chose “delete” under more action. Confirm just like in the mass option and you will be done.

How to unlist or make YouTube video private

unlist or make YouTube video private
  • Visit “”
  • Click “Profile Icon” on the top  right side
  • Click “Your Channel”
  • Click “Manage Videos”
  • Check “All videos you want unlist or turn private” under visibility
  • Click “Private or Unlisted”
  • Click “Save”

As you see in the instructions above, any changes you make to your video will activate instantly. Private videos are only viewed by you the creator, and anyone else you add. Unlisted videos mean that they have been unpolished though having the option to republish them again. The above instructions work on Android, iOS, and Windows.

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By KWS Adams

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