Drupal CMS User? A List Of Top 5 Modules To Try

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Drupal is another content management system which falls in the list of those which are mostly and commonly used by many users include website and blog developers and webmasters. Just like the Joomla with components, plugins and modules, WordPress with plugins, the same applies to Drupal and modules since they are used to add more functionality to the general website performance just like it works with any other CMS.

And if you are a Drupal user, this article will help you to discover the list of those modules which you might take advantage of when it comes to turning your website to the way you want it to be and below is the list of what you shouldn’t miss out.

List Of 5 Drupal Modules To Try Out

XML Sitemap – Site maps are very important when it comes to letting search engines know your contents and when they are updated.

Pathauto – For those who know the importance of search engine optimization, you know what makes a good URL. This module helps to turn your Drupal site URL’s into readable ones e.g from www.yoursite.com/node/23458 to www.yoursite.com/your-title.

Shareaholic – Once you have published your contents, this module helps to add sharing widgets and buttons on your contents. It is known that sharing contents boosts readership and which improved your overall blog performance increasing its revenues.

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Metatag – This module is very important since it gives the user full control when it comes to page optimization for example page titles, page descriptions, article titles, canonical tags and many more.

WYSIWYG – This is a module which produces a “what you see is what you get”. It is very important for those who are not familiar with HTML languages as it helps them to simply type and publish what exactly they typed out.

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Drupal CMS User? A List Of Top 5 Modules To Try

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