How To Install Talkatone Free Text/Call App On Your Mobile

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Talkatone is an application which allows one to make voice over internet protocol (VoiP) calls and too send text messages for free from the supported mobile device for example an Android , Kindle or iOS device. Calling for free and sending text messages is one thing which many people from the world love to get due to the high costs and charges involving while using minutes and talktime.

It so happens that despite of the availability of such applications and which are completely and 100% free, many mobile phone owners sometimes find it hard when it comes to making use of them and which is why in this article basing on some requests which my readers sent me, I decided to share the installation tutorial and guide on how one can get started with Talk-Atone right from download, installation and making that free call. Follow here to install UppTalk app.

Getting Started With The App

1. In order to get started, you will need to have a supportive device which you will point to either of the following address.

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TalkAtone website


Google Play

Kindle Fire

2. And once you are there, simply click on download and install it on your mobile.

3. Now you should open the application, click on register since you will need an account to use it.

4. Enter your valid and working email address and verify it by clicking on the verification link sent to it.

5. Choose your number and you are ready to make free calls.

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How To Install Talkatone Free Text/Call App On Your Mobile

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