How To Obtain/Register/Apply A TIN Number In Rwanda

A Tax Payer  Identification Number (TIN) is a requirement in Rwanda just like it is in other countries when it comes to those who wish to fulfill their Tax requirements to the Government, and the entire processing of issuing such numbers are determined by the instructions from the Commissioner General of the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) just like it is in other East African Community countries like Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

The same Tax Payer Identification Number is assigned to those individuals or persons or even businesses owning goods and services subject to paying taxes by the Tax Administration and as per the laws of Rwanda, a Tax payer is required to keep the issued TIN number on all corresponding documents, commercial documents, other proofs one files with the tax administration and on any other tax declaration documents.

When it comes to the application process in order to obtain a Taxpayer Identification number by anyone, Rwanda is believed to have the quickest process among most countries if not all since the whole process withe everything inclusive can be done in only one day and in a period of only 20 minutes to those who are committed and determined to getting their TIN numbers. In this post, I am sharing with you how to go about the entire process and what is required to have your personal or a business TIN number and below we go.

Requirements For The TIN Application.

1.  Photocopies of your Identification documents which can be a National ID, a Passport or any other.

2. One passport sized photograph.

3. A filled form with an applicant details and which can be gotten from the office responsible or downloaded from online.

Please note that you must fill the entire form in CAPITAL letters and you must tick corresponding box on your main reason for a TIN number.

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Once you have all the above, just move in to the Registration and Block management division under the Rwanda Revenue Authority and get started.

The entire process is very simple and you wont spend more minutes in the queue.

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  1. Xavier says:

    How Rwanda TIN number look like? Can you tell me about TIN number request for kids and how to apply one if available. Nice post.

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