How To SHOP For Essential Home Products Using SafeBoda APP

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by KWS Adams
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Amidst the Covid 19 lockdown in Uganda, SafeBoda introduced the Shop feature in their App. The new feature is aimed easing the purchase of essential home products related to food items, groceries and beverages, and having them delivered to your house or apartment. Do you know what this means?

As a person who loves trying out almost everything, I had my first order arrive today 100% free of charge. Having been an active user of SafeBoda, I didn’t face any problem making my order, which arrived from Shell select being the choice I selected. Remember, you can also use Capterra to make money online at home so you have enough funds to survive.

As we continue to stay home due to the presential directive as one way of fighting Coronavirus, running out of those most useful home products shouldn’t be your worry. Now that you can be in position to order everything for example, Rice, Sugar, Water, Blueband, Vegetables, Macrons, Noddles, Bread, Flour, etc, and have them delivered to you free of charge, life shouldn’t wont be too hard.

If you aren’t aware of how it all works, follow these simple instruction and make your order from your SafeBoda application.

How to shop with safeboda app

  • Download and install “SafeBoda” app free from Google play store.
  • Launch the app and register using your mobile number
  • Tap “food and shop” within the “app” dashboard
  • Enter keyword of what you are shopping for eg Sugar, or
  • Select the main category eg groceries
  • Add items you want
  • Confirm

Follow prompts and have your items delivered to your home. It is all simple and very easy to buy essential home products in Uganda all courtesy of technology.

Key points to note;

Your “safeboda” account must be credited with enough funds to use the feature. Also, you must first update your application if you already had it installed on your smartphone in order to access the “new shop” feature. Also, your linked phone number must be active since the rider might want to call you for additional directions. For MTN susbscribers, this application has always been free to use without any data bundle.

How To SHOP For Essential Home Products Using SafeBoda APP

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