How To Verify Your Hubpages Account – Phone Verification

In this article, we will look on how to Verify Your Hubpages Account, a process which is done through email and phone before publishing live your first hub. If you never read our previous post about creating and activating your account, its here and next is the phone verification process.

Having your account verified by a phone call is part of the entire Hubpages registration finalizing process since every member with a Hubpages account is required to add a phone number and which must be verified in order trio get access to creating Hubs and posts on the site.

To go about the phone verification, one is required to have a working phone number basing on where you are located and in many cases, this step is required before even you create your first Hub and or during the course of posting your post.

Below is how you verify your account using your phone.

1. In put your phone number (one which is in service since a call will be made to it from Hubpages). You should enter the number starting with the international prefix for example “+256 752 009 001”, be advised to us your own phone number in the same format if you want to Verify your Hubpages Account.

2. Hit the verify phone link and wait for the call from Hubpages.
3. Please okay or receive on your phone and listen to the numbers spoken.
4. Enter those numbers on Hubpages field and click verify.

Your verification is ready and you can now create hubs. Please note that this step can before, during or after posting your first Hub.

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