Huawei And Xiaomi Are Top Mobile Brands In Russia

Huawei and Xiaomi are mobile phone brands which have continued to attract a lot of users. Not only are these phones popular in Africa and Asian countries, research shows that they have even crossed the lines and became top mobile brands in Russia taking the second and third positions respectively.

According to Chinese Media report as quoted on’s post, “Chinese smartphones account for more than 45% of the Russian mobile phone market share, reflecting an increase of about 11% from last years 34% market share“.

The reports shares how “Samsung, ranks first with a 34.2%, Huawei second with 28.5% and Xiaomi third with 10.7% share and the rest following.

According to market statistics from January to May of 2020, Chinese smartphones accounted for about 34% market share last year, an increase of about 11% year on year.  A number of Chinese manufacturers including Huawei/Honor, Xiaomi, ZTE, OPPO, and vivo have all started their business in Russia. South Korean manufacturing giant, Samsung, ranks first in Russia with a 34.2% market share in May while Huawei follows with 28.5% and Xiaomi ranks third with 10.7% share.

Just like it happens on the different online and offline markets including countries like Uganda, Kenya, India, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, etc, Chinese mobile phone brands and types are usually low priced, something which can attribute to their high demand.

Also, they have lots of interesting features for the smartphones which makes one buy them cheaply while enjoying the same features people with the well known brands like Samsung, Motorola, etc enjoy.

Taking an example of Tecno mobiles, they are part of the Chinese made phone known for long battery standby. Tecno phones have batteries which lasts for more than a single day while on use thus allowing one stay worry free when it comes to standby.

If you are still wondering why Huawei and Xiaomi smartphones are top selling phones in Russia, you got to explore more on the same so you can fully understand it all.

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