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  • Amazon Moto G 16GB Android Smartphone

    Amazon Moto G 16GB Android Smartphone Reviews

    You have possibly heard of Amazon’s Moto G (4th Generation) – Black – 16 GB – Unlocked – Prime Exclusive – with Lockscreen Offers & Ads right? “In this review, I share with you this Android smartphone device features, pricing, characteristics, ratings and so forth. I believe this kind of information will be very helpful […] More

  • scam domain abuse notice

    Scam Alert: Domain Abuse Notice From

    Just like celebrities will never stop amusing the public, the same goes on the scammers side and their scamming tips and ways. Back in the day when thousand emails were sent to webmasters and domain owners from, the same looks to have started happening again this time round using a new extension whilst […] More

  • ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini Smartphone Review - Features, Pricing

    ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini Smartphone Reviews and Ratings

    The ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini is another smartphone device which many have always wanted to know more about. And yes, I have reviewed it just to share with you the different specifications, features and pricing of this mobile phone so that you can know it in detail and possibly make a decision to own or […] More

  • Ezoic Earnings

    Can You Earn More With Ezoic Vs Adsense?

    A lot has been said and written about ezoic earnings. Many of those who have been approved to join share how they have experienced a boost vs what they used when using Adsense alone. And from experience, at least I have myself been able to find an answer to this popular question of “can you […] More

  • fraudulent coronavirus phishing email

    Coronavirus! How Scammers Are Targeting The Public

    As always known, Scammers and fraudsters will never fail to take advantage of others cries. As the world continues to suffer the impacts of Covid-19, for them seem to have found a sure way to target people of different ages including the vulnerable ones , where many have already fallen victims. Right from “claiming” to […] More

  • My safe_boda_app_orders

    Why I am “Addicted” To Safe Boda Food

    Have you tried SafeBoda food yet? Do you know how it works? If your answer is a Yes, good for you. But if your answer is a No, then you must read this and get to know why I am personally “addicted” to this service for my lunch and breakfast deliveries. About safeboda food I […] More

  • paypal checker download

    Paypal Valid Email Checker! Legit Or Scam?

    For quite sometime now, I have been recieving emails with subject “download paypal checker” in order to verify whether your PayPal account is good standing or not. Being honest, both my personal and business accounts are in good standing since they can transact well with no issues or even warnings. To my suprise, the sender […] More

  • Air Purifiers in Uganda

    Air Purifiers In Uganda: 2020 Price Guide To 5 Air Purifiers

    Wondering which air purifier you can use to improve your indoor, office, car, etc air quality? Or you simply want to get rid of those contaminants and chemicals which may be harmful to your health? No mater what your reason (s) may be, this guide will help you out. Find the product, specifications, price, where […] More

  • MAIMEITE 3G Mobilephone

    Maimeite M10 3G 5.0 Inch SmartPhone Review

    Featuring a 5.0 inch screen size, Maimeite M10 3G is a powerful Chinese made smartphone with a range of specifications anyone would want to own. I have reviewed this mobile phone so you get to know all about this device in detail including pricing and where to buy. Why go for Maimeite M10 3G? Maimeite […] More

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