Top 5 Taboola Competitors And Alternatives For Publishers

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by KWS Adams

10 Taboola alternativeSWhen it comes to “recommended for you and around the web” type of ads, Taboola is number one choice for publishers. With several reasons existing for this choice, high payout is on the top list.

Different publishers share how Taboola’s pay rate is good when compared with other alternative competitors in the market. And while many publishers would prefer to join Taboola and enjoy the benefits associated with this New York City headquartered advertising company, having less traffic is one reason many are denied.

If you are among those publishers who have been denied to join Taboola for one reason or another, I have compiled a list of the top 5 Taboola alternative competitors you can join, place recommended ads and stories for your visitors and earn more money with your traffic.

Top 10 Taboola alternative competitors

1. alternativeWhen it comes to relevant, personalized video, online and mobile content to different types of audiences, Outbrain engage is an alternative you might consider. The good thing about Outbrain is working with and supporting all publisher sizes and categories.

2. alternativeWhen it comes to content and native advertising for emerging markets, EngageYa is another alternative to consider. They help publishers increase revenue and at the same time improving overall user experience.

3. alternativeWith personalized, unobtrusive native ads, affiliate links, and more, Shareaholic is another competitor you can try out. You will too not only boost your revenue but will also give your users a better experience by bring relevant contents closer.

4. alternativeThinking of user engagement and user experience, Revcontent is one provider you can rely on. Their “discovery platform provides an additional revenue stream by monetizing content recommendations that are relevant to user interests”.

5. alternativeAdblade is a premium publishers first choice. Become part of the innovative content style ad platform and increase user engagement. With high traffic, you get the highest CPMs thus higher earnings. If you get over 500,000 page views a month, you qualify.

Top 5 Taboola Competitors And Alternatives For Publishers

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