4 Ways To Find The Best Unlocking Box For Phones

best unlocking box 2020

Finding the best unlocking box for the different mobile phones is an experience worth to remember. With thousands of cellphone brands on the market, it would be a lie if I told that such is universal and will work on all models including the originals and Chinese made, all Chipsets, etc.

If you are however looking for the best mobile repair box for 2020, the good news are that your hunt has been fruitful now that you are reading this. Not only are learning how to find, you will also find out the different unlocking box brands recommended for the different types of phones.

As an experienced cellphone repairer (yes, this is one of the first self employed business I have been doing for the last 10 years), I am able to at least tell which mobile software flashing tools are good vs the different brands available from real hands-on experience. Feel free to ask me direct you to my workshop in case you want to know more.

How to find the best unlocking box 2020

1. Understand your needs:

You are not buying simply because you want. Rather, you are buying to solve a problem. Depending on the kind of problem you are looking for solve, there is a specific tool just for that, if not a mult-functional one. If you want to Oppo Cph1701 pattern and FRP reset, then you should look for a box that serves that function for example Miracle box. Understanding the kind of tasks you will do will help you make a choice depending on needs.

2. Know supported phone models

It becomes easy for you to buy something which is on demand. If you own MTK smartphones, you should go for that specific tool which is compatible. An example is NCK Dongle for performing a number of service on MTK chipset phones including network unlocking, formatting flash, frp reset, custom DA files, etc on Tecno K7, F3, F2, Spark, KA7, etc. Taking note of box descriptions on sales sites will help you understand what models are supported. Also you can read reviews from those who have tested to comfirm that items are described as they can do.

3. Know supported chipsets

Not all mobile software boxes are multip chipset support. There are a number of them which are meat to support a single Chipset while others are multi-support. Most chinese universal boxes do support most chipsets which isn’t the case with original phones like the famous Nokia’s, Samsung’s, etc. Understand what a particular box supports will allow you know what to buy for example the Z3X Box for Samsung unlocking, etc including models like N7000, N8000, N8020, P3100, P5110, P6210, P6810, P7501, etc.

4. Look at box ratings

On Amazon for example, you find very many customer ratings and reviews. Going through them will help you understand what the item is described versus the actual working of the product. I myself make use of them when determing which repair tool to buy and I am contented with that.

Things to note

  • The best mobile software and unlocking box is that which never deviates from its description.
  • Finding one which supports multiple CPU’s is vital since it saves you from buying many of them.
  • Future updates should be supported and at least offered free of charge from the manufacture.

Having said it as you can see above, I am sure the information and recommended boxes above will help lots when it comes to selecting the best for your needs.

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