5 Common/Popular Scam/Fraud Practices In Uganda [Obufere] & How To Get Rid Of Them

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5 Common/Popular Scam/Fraud Practices In Uganda [Obufere] & How To Get Rid Of Them

Scam and fraud is everywhere and so in Uganda. Do you live in Uganda or planning to live there? Do you have a relative, friend or family member in there? Do you want know some vital information with regard to how you can be secure? This post will help you learn and understand some common and popular related practices which many Ugandans experience from time to time and is based on a real life experience.

When you hear the Uganda being mentioned whether in writing, verbal or audio, the first thing which runs into the viewer, listener or reader is the Pearl of Africa. It is so true that Uganda is one country in Africa which is naturally gifted with natural things like lakes, rivers, national parks with animals and birds, landscapes and so many others in addition to the country having many elites and non elites among whom include the consummate scammers and fraud stars who operate both online and offline.

When you take a quick search on the popular search engine like Google and search for terms like scam or fraud, you will get to know that scammers and fraudsters not only do their work 0n individual level but many go on and pose as organizations and companies which all make the service seeker end up being scammed and which is why I compiled a list of the Top 4 popular and common related practices known as “obufere” which you must be aware of while in the peal of Africa and below they are.

Fake Promotional And Winning Calls From Telecom

This is one of the common practices which goes on to the very ground by hitting even the lower level people. This activity involves a scammer impersonating him or herself as a telecom employee and making notification calls to a subscriber. A subscriber is then required to make airtime purchases and reading it to the caller in order to have the win activated where by one is promised to go to an isolated place to pick up the winning item or product

In order to be on a safe side, it is very important to contact your telephone provider and make an inquiry about the win before responding to such people since they usually don.t call once. This helps you to know whether its true or fake.

Fake Abroad Relatives/Friends Gifts/Item Pick Ups

Fraud and scam is sometimes hard to tell who actually is doing it. In many cases, people around us are the ones who do that job. With this, it involves a scammer calling and notifying one how a friend or relative living abroad has sent an item or gift which can even be money. One is requested to Wire money on a Mobile Money account in order to have the items delivered. The money is said to be help fees and transport cost coverage although in the end, one is conned since there is nothing.

In order to be helped, it is important to first contact those whom you suspect to have sent you something and once they confirm its okay but when not, then know that you are being scammed. No person can send you anything through a friend and never notifies you in Advance.

Fake Work Abroad & Locally Opportunities

In this world where everyone is hunting for a Job, many have ended up being conned and scammed. You know it that many people are constantly looking for greener pastures and which are believed to be found abroad. This has created a big opportunity for scammers to use it as a chance when conning people in promise to find for them Jobs.

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It is very important to make one show proof of a Job opportunity before paying since no one works for free. Failure to provide such should make you suspect of being conned.

Fake Official Document Processing

This is another common practice due to the high demand of such documents like a Driving permit, a Passport, a TIN Number and others. You know it that there are so many fake document processors in any place with no exception in Kampala or Uganda. This means that if one tells you to give in money and promises to bring to you a ready document, you should suspect a scam in there. Most official documents requires one to go to office personally at least for presenting or scanning like it is a case for Kyambogo and the Driving permit.

This can be avoided by you who requires the document to ask the processor to present you other than waiting for a ready document even when you are required to present yourself for pick up.

Selling Of Fake Stuffs, Products & Items

Its common for many old item sellers especially those dealing in used phone and computers to trick people, make them pay and never refund in cases when an item or product stops working and within the guarantee time frame. On Nalubega Complex on Bombo road, my friend was conned of $200 which is an equivalent of Uganda Shillings 400,000+ when he paid for an Acer Laptop from Ssalongo (S.M Ltd) which never worked for a single day. He returned it and until now months after, he never gotten a refund and nor another working machine apart from the come back tomorrow talk. Facebook is a common market and promotional place for such people so be aware.

To stay off from this, you should always ensure that you buy a new item from a real shop not those fake shops around town. Old and used items are only good when bought from a legitimate seller who can do a refund or exchange a product once it fails to work other than playing around with come back tomorrow or later which will never come.

Key note:  Fighting Uganda fraud is the responsibility of each and every one of us. Always try to be aware and report anything you take to be scam or fraud to the nearest authorities. That way, we will be able to save many of our brothers and sisters from falling victims.

5 Common/Popular Scam/Fraud Practices In Uganda [Obufere] & How To Get Rid Of Them

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  1. I was victimised in the name of free airtel airtime for a whole month. I was told to load kyabise 2500 and got 75 minutes. They faked me with fake messages nga kati nabitegera. Mwana abo abafere ba feke dolla.

  2. Fake free mtn airtel and mobile money ongoing scam is common here. I was also tricked and ended up sending mobile money to those scammers who abused me afterwards. Nice info.

  3. Scam alert in Uganda 2014 ongoing with airtel kika and kyabise promotion. Many scammers call people saying they have won. Its better to call customer care and inquire.

  4. I had taken time while looking for some trustworthy information related to the above topic (5 Common/Popular Scam/Fraud Practices In Uganda [Obufere] & How To Get Rid Of Them) and its my pleasure that I found it here. Nice job and keep up.

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