How To Buy Freaky Friday On Airtel

Here is how to buy a freaky Friday bundle on Airtel. Find the activation code, how to load for another number, what time the weekend data bundle starts and expires, and if you can buy on Saturday.

Freaky Friday is a weekend data bundle meant for Airtel subscribers in Uganda. This weekend subscription bundle runs from Friday through Monday with an expiry time matching the exact time you activated the Freaky Friday Airtel code 2024. This promotion features up to 30 free minutes and 5 GB of data bundle valid for 3 days from the time of activation.

If you don’t know much about this promotion kind of, then you have been missing a lot. To be honest, 4 Gigabytes worth of data bundle at the freaky Friday Airtel prices can do much to Internet use since it is much compared with other normal day bundles.

From downloading software, streaming music and videos, and chatting on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, TikTok, etc, you can also use this same data pack to update your smartphone and design a free website by Freenom.

Wondering how to buy Freaky Friday on Airtel? Please follow the instructions below and instantly stream your favorite YouTube and TikTok videos.

How to load Freaky Friday on Airtel

  • Dial *149# OK/Send
  • Reply with 10
  • Reply with 1 for 15 minutes, 3GB data @4,500/= or,
  • Reply with 2 for 30 minutes, 5GB data @6,500/= or,
  • Reply with 3 for 30 minutes, 9GB data @10,000/=
  • Enter the 075.. or 070.. number you are subscribing to.
  • Choose between Airtime or Mobile money

Complete your payment using the selected option weekend data bundle will be activated. Using the same activation code above allows you to buy Freaky Friday on Airtel for another number (gift) thus allowing them to enjoy unlimited.

If you were asking what time Freaky Friday starts, it’s Friday all day. Depending on the time of choice, you can activate it in the morning time, in the afternoon, or during the evening time for as long as it isn’t past midnight.

Important to note:

Certain terms and conditions apply to this data bundle. Subscription is valid for 3 days from the time of subscription. Also, deciding to pay with mobile money requires you to have the MM PIN for the purchasing number. In case you don’t want to use Mobile money but at the same time have no airtime, you can use the Airtime share option which is completely free to use, without the need to load.

The minutes that are associated with the data pack are meant to be used between Airtel-to-Airtel subscribers other than calling any other network. The minutes will last while the subscription lasts. For MTN subscribers, refer to the Gaga Wednesday promotion, while for Africell customers, refer to the Don’t be Cheated promotion.

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