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If you monitor your Website, and or blog traffic sources and referrals, you might have noticed this new referral traffic android-app:// right? But what is this all about? Is it a legitimate traffic source or just another fake or spam referral source? Personally, I started seeing this website traffic referral source in the past April, and mostly from India as the country. But the fact remained that until today, I am not so sure what this is all about.

This traffic from android-app:// is amazing. It does not target a specific post only but rather, lands on the different pages of the site just like the other normal searches from Bing, Google, Yahoo, and all the other different searched you might know. So far, I am seeing hits with this android-app:// referral from as many countries as my Blog gets eg the US, Canada, UK, France, India, China, Kenya, Uganda and others.

However, this hasn’t been enough for me. I went ahead and searched for this same referral world from the i=net so as to see if anyone else has written about it and yes, that is the fact. On a site like, someone suggested that it was Googleweblight, while others kept asking. Even more other sites like,,, etc have a say on this.

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May be, its a search from an application which is installed on an Android device. That search within the app other than one using the known Google search. Oh yes, that is all I can think of. My question is on whether anyone of you knows what this android-app:// is all about….

Written by KWS Adams

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