How To Apply For A New Kenyan National ID [Reg.136A]

Kenya National ID card Having a government issued Kenyan National ID card is one of the requirements for every adult (18 plus years of age) in this East African country. And yes, every person who clicks the age above is required by law to apply for a new national identity card, just like it is in the many different countries both in Africa, Asia, Europe and others where national identity cards are given to citizens.

If you are a citizen of country Kenya, and or one who qualifies to get a Kenyan national ID card, then this article is for you. But still, you can too read it even if you are not one of the two above since somewhere somehow, you might be able to help one in need who may not be able to access it. And yes, reading this post will help you learn how you can DIY – do it yourself right from the very first step (applying) to the last step of acquiring your Kenya national ID card, which is also known as Reg 136A, or the initial registration. Read how to replace your national card here.

Requirements to obtain your new Kenyan National ID card

1. Your birth certificate.
2. Your parents ID photocopies.
3. Birth card or clinic ard.
4. School slips and etc.

Steps to obtain your New Kenyan national ID card

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1. Visit the National Registration Bureau or its sub offices located in your area.
2. Fill in the given or download National ID registration form with all requirements for example, names in full, sex, tribe or race, date of birth or apparent age, and place of birth, occupation, trade or employment, residence and postal address and others.
3. Return the forms and wait for the next step, which should be finger print capturing and validation.
4. You should be given a waiting card which you will present when finally your national ID is done.

Please note that a Kenyan national Identity card is mandatory due to its uses for example, opening a bank account, registering a business, for employment, acquire a driving license, transact mobile phone banking and very many others all of which as a must you should present it.

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