Astropay Card Review! How It Works & Getting One

Last Updated on December 25, 2020 by KWS Adams
How to get Astropay card

Astropay cards are prepaid and virtual. They allow anyone to shop across the different stores worldwide where they are accepted. Using such a card protects you from sharing your real financial information from bad people, who may end up using the same for bad acts.

If you are an online shopper, or even one who simply want to verify PayPal, you might want to read on. This will help you learn more about Astropay prepaid virtual cards, how they work, how to get one e.g in India, how to withdraw, merge, transfer to bank, etc.

What is Astropay card?

Like I shared above, they are anonymous prepaid virtual cards which allows you shop privately online once selected as a payment method. Unlike other virtual cards available on the market, Astropay cards are not reloadable. The card auto expires prior to the one year expiry date, once the balance on it is accumulated or is used.

How to buy Astropay card?

buy astropay card with paypal
  • Visit buy page
  • Select the currency and card amount e.g $10.
  • Select quantity and click “continue”
  • Select your “payment method” and checkout.

Your card numbers will be emailed to you upon verification of your payment. You can then use the card-number, expiry date and CVV code to make purchase on any website where they are supported. You may also be required to register an account and login to buy a card.

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Using the Astropay app

Download AstroPay App

Using their app which is available free to download from Googleplay store and Apple store, you are able to instantly pay and withdraw money in your local currency hassle free. Using the same app allows you to register for an account in addition to ordering for a card.

Transfering money from one card to another

One of the most useful features of Astropay is the ability to merge different cards into one, and also to transfer to bank account. In order to merge a card or transfer money from one to another, you need to have created a different card, and also ensuring that each of them isn’t expired. Once you have details, you can make a request to support and the balances should be transfered upon approval.

Astrocard review

Having tried the service myself – until my card expired, all I can say is that they are legit. If you were looking for a legitimate service to buy virual prepaid cards from in order to shop or even verify anonymously, giving them a try might work for you!

Astropay Card Review! How It Works & Getting One

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