How To View Saved Passwords Chrome Android

Chrome is among the most used browsers on Android OS devices due to its features. The ability to save passwords of the different logins makes it easy for anyone not only to view but also to copy and use the same password on other browsers while logging in.

In order to view saved passwords on Chrome for Android, a set of instructions must be followed. Doing so allows you to get access to all saved information thereby being in a position to use such passwords in any other browser, or even share with others just in case.

Accessing Google chrome password settings for Android just like the Web PC version lets you view saved passwords, and synchronize bookmarks, history, the same across multiple devices running on different operating systems including Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, etc. This means that it is possible to retrieve passwords from any other device that is synchronized with the same login details.

View saved passwords on Chrome for Android

  • Tap “Apps”
  • Tap “Chrome Browser”
  • Tap the “3 Dots” on the top right corner
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Scroll and tap “Passwords”
  • Tap “Password” you want to view
  • Confirm “Device Security”
  • View the “Password”

There you are. You are now able to view all saved passwords in Chrome Android. Using the search option by entering the account name of the password you want to retrieve will shorten the time required when searching for passwords.

Once you tap on the username or login to view the password, you will be prompted to confirm security by entering the phone unlock password, fingerprint, face, pattern, or PIN in order to confirm access to such information.

This means that saved passwords on Chrome for Android can only be retrieved and viewed by the phone owner thus preventing any unauthorized access by non-owners. This security is intended to ensure that your phone data and passwords are well protected, a feature that makes the Google chrome browser one of the most liked apps by different OS users including Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, etc.

Final Word

How do I take the password off my Android phone has a ready solution available. Using Chrome’s inbuilt browser feature, you are able to access, view and copy all saved passwords with a single click. Besides this, you are worry-free when it comes to protecting such data from unauthorized access since one is required to confirm device security, which is solely known by the Android phone owner. The next time you think about accessing your passwords on any sync, simply follow the instructions above.

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