10 Best Free Roku Apps 2023

roku apps for live tv

Here is an updated list of the best 10 free Roku apps that lets you stream live tv channels including local channels, after-dark channels, private channels, and the best movies for 2023. If you’ve been asking yourself which applications will let you enjoy the fun privately, keep reading.

By downloading and installing any of the 10 best apps for Roku of your choice from the Google play store for Android phones, and Apple apps for iOS, you are ready to enjoy free TV on the go. You won’t be required to carry your Roku device since these must-have apps for streamers will let you do more than control your device.

Why Use The Free Roku Mobile Apps?

Streaming gurus know what it means to access your favorite channels on the go. Yes, installing such applications will let you take fun everywhere you go. You are able to control your device remotely, change channels, cast video, do screen mirroring, search with your voice, watch sports and movies, enjoy private listening, launch the most recent channels, etc.

10 Best Free Roku Apps You Must Have

  • Roku mobile app (official)
  • RoByte Remote TV Control
  • Kraftwerk 9 Inc Remote Control for Roku
  • Roku Remote: RoSpikes(WiFi/IR
  • Screen Mirroring for Roku
  • BoostVision TV Remote for Roku
  • JaviTech Remote for Roku
  • Cast to TV/Chromecast/Roku/TV+ by Castify
  • InShot Inc Cast to TV – Chromecast, Roku
  • Screen Mirroring Pro for Ruku by 2Kit consulting

Roku mobile app (official)

Roku live tv channels free mobile app

Roku mobile app is the official application that lets you “control your Roku device, stream free TV on the go, and enjoy more fun features”. This app is a convenient remote of your device that allows you to search using voice, control your streaming and enjoy private listening in addition to allowing you access the most recent channels. You are able to stream your favorite TV channels including American TVGo on the go. Download Roku’s official mobile app from the Google play store for Android users, and Apple apps for iOS users.

RoByte Remote TV Control

RoByte Roku TV Remote Control

RoByte is a no-setup Roku TV remote app that allows you to control your Roku Player or Roku TV. This app automatically scans your device, switches channels, and supports fast text and voice entry.

Kraftwerk 9 Inc Remote Control for Roku

Kraftwerk 9 Inc Remote Control for Roku

Kraftwerk is a remote control for Roku Streaming Player and Roku TV devices. It has a magnificent design and intuitive interface with complex settings. All you are required to do is to connect your Android phone and Roku device to the same Wi-Fi network and instantly take full control.

Roku Remote RoSpikes(WiFi/IR)

Roku Remote RoSpikes(WiFi/IR

Roku Remote: RoSpikes(WiFi/IR) is a very simple Roku apps by Spikes Labs that allows you to control Roku Streaming Dongles and Roku TVs including Haier, Hisense, Philips, Sharp, TCL, Element, Insignia, Hitachi, RCA, etc Roku TVs. Installing the app on your phone lets you stream your photos, music, and videos on the big TV screen. You can do private listening and screen mirroring in addition to Wi-Fi and IR modes support.

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