How To Subscribe to Startimes Mobile App LIVE Football / TV streaming

With the Russia 2020 FIFA World Cup ongoing, no one would wish to miss a single match. Yes, I mean this and you too can be my witness. For the Football and other games fans, you know well what it means when we talk of the World Cup. That is the very reason as to why many out there would want to stay updated and live on every match as it happens. And that is the power of Startimes mobile app.

Freely downloaded from Google Play Store and other apps mirrors , this Startimes mobile app will not only allow you access Football or World Cup 2020 but too will give you opportunity to watch and stream all of your popular and favorite TV channels on your mobile. No more Electricy outages which makes you miss your games and TV, No more rushing to watch from neighbors.

With this app on mobile, you are everywhere and can watch anything on the go. Boo, in this article I am shaing with you how you can go about subscribing to Live Football and TV streaming using the Startimes app. Please follow the following below procedures.

How to download and activate Startimes mobile app

1. Download Startimes mobile app from Google Play store.
2. Install in your mobile and launch app.
3. Click signup, enter your Mobile number and click request code.
4. Enter the 4 digit code you receive on your mobile and hit next.
5. Enter 190739 under invitation code (more bonuses and offers) and hit next.

You are now logged into the application on your mobile. Next step is initiating the subscription so as to be able to watch not only Russia 2020 FIFA world cup but too for all your local and international TV streaming with supported VPN activated.

How to initiate subscription Payment on Startimes mobile app

1. Click Startimes ON when logged in under your account (ME).
2. Tap on Startimes ON ON Sport.
3. Tap on your subscription choice eg Day, Week or Month.
4. Click BUY next to price.
5. If you have Africell line, tap on Africell and continue.
6. If you don’t have Africell line, tap on e Wallet and Recharge.
7. Write down your eWallet number since you will require it when recharging.

How to Recharge Startimes mobile eWallet using MTN Mobile money

1. Dial *165# on MTN line and OK.
2. Input 4 for Payments and OK.
3. Input 2 for Pay TV and OK.
4. Input 2 for Startimes and OK.
5. Input your eWallet Number and OK.
6. Enter Amount eg 100, 3000 or 9,000 monthly and OK.
7. Enter MTN Mobile money PIN and OK.

You will receive a notification on your mobile screen with your Payment details.

How to activate subscription

1. Now go back to start times app and open it.
2. Click Startimes ON when logged in under your account (ME).
3. Tap on Startimes ON Sport.
4. Tap on your subscription choice eg Day, Week or Month.
5. Click BUY next to price.
6. Select eWallet and click Buy.
7. Create eWallet purchase password
8. Input your password and next.

Your startimes 119, etc subscription will be activated instantly. You are now in position to watch all of your popular TV channels and streaming in addition to watching the 2020 Russia FIFA world cup.

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